Introduction: Sci Fi Movie Poster Cushions

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Make fab cushions by adding catch phrases to old sci fi movie posters.

Step 1: Materials

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*cushion covers you can iron onto (I got both cushions and separate covers from Ikea for $5 each).
*iron-on transfer printer paper (for dark fabric).
*photo shop or similar skills, if you want to get fancy about adding your catch phrases to the images).

Step 2: Process

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Pretty easy. Think of fun catch phrases to go with cheesy old movie posters. Create the image. Print on the transfer paper according to the instructions. Iron onto the covers. Enjoy your cool awesome cushions.


BeachsideHank (author)2016-04-24

To a kid, those were really good movies too, I remember seeing most of them when first run, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

parisusa (author)2016-04-24

Love this! I adore old movies! I print book covers on printable fabric & make zipper bags as gifts. But this is neat, too!

glq (author)parisusa2016-04-24

That sounds wonderful--what a great idea! I'm very new to instructables and clearly need to explore more.... So much incredible creativity!

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Bio: Sci fi reader/watcher, mom, camper, fun ideas but low on maker skills...
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