Introduction: Sci-fi Panels

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Making Science fiction panels is easy, just a few bits, a glue gun, some paint and a board and you're set!

Don't throw away old electronics, recycle them into boards.

Step 1: Preparation, Parts.

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To make nice Scifi panels you will need:

  • a bucketload of old laptop and electronic parts
  • some latex gloves if you hate having to wash your hands with terpentine
  • Paint
    • Terpentine based (soluble) paints work well
    • For the "gray' tech use:
      • 20% black
      • 10% green or blue
      • 70% White
      • other colors look nice too!
  • Paint easel
  • Paint brushes
  • A glue gun
  • A ton of glue sticks ( really, a LOT)
  • Newspapers to cover the tables
  • Boards: MDF or other, I got mine off the back of bookshelves.

Step 2: Prepare the Table.

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Lay out the newspapers on the table

This is the last occasion you'll get to read the comics.

Step 3: Lay Down the Boards.

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Lay down the boards, with the flush nice side up.

Step 4: Lay Down the Parts.

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This part will save you time later on.

Laying down and puzzling with all the bits and bobs you want to put on the panels is better done beforehand. As the next step will rob you of your hand as it will be holding a glue gun.

Also don't worry about precise placement just yet. It's just about making sure your bucket of parts gets used.

Step 5: Start Glueing.

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With the parts laid out start glueing them to the boards.

Glue the parts stikking out the most, then turn the part over and press it on the board.

If you want pieces to be nicely placed use a spacer piece:

  1. Glue a piece.
  2. place a spacer part next to it.
  3. Glue another piece.
  4. Put the new piece next to the spacer.
  5. remove the spacer and place it in a new spot.
  6. go to step 3 in this list.

Once you're done putting down all the pieces and gluing them the fun starts!

Step 6: Mix Some Paint

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While the glue cools mix the paint:

  • 10% color ( blue or green )
  • 20% black
  • 70% white
  • Be creative, it doesn't need to be marine gray, pure dark blue or green also works well.

Step 7: Start Painting

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Don't skimp on the paint!

Just paint all the things!

if you happen to go over something you'd rather not paint use masking tape.

Another option to have some of the original parts showing:

After drying use a brush with terpentine to uncover the part.

Step 8: Let It Dry and Hang It on a Wall.

Picture of Let It Dry and Hang It on a Wall.

Once it has dryed you can hang it on a wall!

That was easy.


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