Create a fun light show with your children and teach them about the attributes of light at the same time.

Learning Objective: Introduce kids to the scientific method and light refraction.

Age: Preschool - Elementary

by True Aim

Step 1: Motivate

Get your children excited for the experiment by letting them watch this amazing video about how people use light refraction to light their homes.  To learn more go to 1 Liter of Light.

<p>this stuff is the boringest thing in the world boring</p>
<p>They glow in the dark?</p>
<p>It was awesome</p>
That it so cool
<p>It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>Great fun, really quick to do. Rather than the slit we lay a blanket over the side so we could all stick our heads in. Also added glycerin and glitter to the water for added sparkle.</p>
so cool, so very cool
thanks for the video...it's going to help some families i know :-)
That looks great! Rather than wait for the cardboard manna that is a refrigerator box (or any other giant appliance), perhaps use the magic and mystery of 123D Make to manipulate cardboard into a much-larger light box? That'd set you up for a cool camera obscura project, too.
Awesome project! <br> <br>If you had a really big box, you could replace that viewing slot with a door to get inside.
I know! That would be really awesome.

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