Picture of Science Experiment for Kids: Light Box Magic

Create a fun light show with your children and teach them about the attributes of light at the same time.

Learning Objective: Introduce kids to the scientific method and light refraction.

Age: Preschool - Elementary

by True Aim

Step 1: Motivate

Get your children excited for the experiment by letting them watch this amazing video about how people use light refraction to light their homes.  To learn more go to 1 Liter of Light.


They glow in the dark?

It was awesome

That it so cool
Oliviawhattomake made it!7 days ago

It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great fun, really quick to do. Rather than the slit we lay a blanket over the side so we could all stick our heads in. Also added glycerin and glitter to the water for added sparkle.

tstark19702 years ago
so cool, so very cool
shazni2 years ago
thanks for the video...it's going to help some families i know :-)
wilgubeast2 years ago
That looks great! Rather than wait for the cardboard manna that is a refrigerator box (or any other giant appliance), perhaps use the magic and mystery of 123D Make to manipulate cardboard into a much-larger light box? That'd set you up for a cool camera obscura project, too.
Kiteman2 years ago
Awesome project!

If you had a really big box, you could replace that viewing slot with a door to get inside.
latulippe (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
I know! That would be really awesome.