Introduction: Science-Fiction/Fantasy Red Sword of Doom

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Have you ever wanted to make an awesome Sword-like thing? HERES HOW!

Heres what you need:

Plexiglass  (Either two sheets, or one think one)
Aluminum shaped like this "|_|" about the width of the thick plexiglass or the two sheets. 
Red Paint
Black Paint
Tape (Cloth or electrical)
Glue (both hot and regular)

Something to cut Plexiglass (We used a dremmel)
Clamps, etc

Step 1:

First, trace out the blade design you want on the plexiglass. We Chose a 1 1/2 inch width, 36 inch long blade. 

Step 2:

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Next cut it out. We used a dremmel.

Step 3:

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Then, measure out the metal to go down the long side, and both sides of the hilt. Cut and grind.

Step 4:

Trace out the shape you want for the guard.

Step 5:

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Mix your red paint, or other color with glue. This is for you blade, so pick carefully. Then paint the blade and the guard with this mixture.

Step 6:

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Now  "Tennis-Wrap" the hilt in the tape... 

Step 7:

and wrap on  your string!

Step 8:

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Then glue on the hilt, and you are done!


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