Picture of ScienceStream Gadget Tutorial

It is a Gadget that tracks of latest scientific headlines..
This Gadget includes mainly three file gadget.xml , index.html and style.css with images.

1)      Download the file ScienceStream.Gadget.rar and extract it in
          C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets
2)      Then goto desktop click right button of mouse, after that click on Gadgets and drag the gadget named ScienceStream on  desktop.          


How  this Gadget works ?

There is file named gadget.xml this file includes logo url , information about gadget and provides main index page to Windows software to show on desktop. The file style.css includes classes to style the given div's. The file index.html has the important work, actually this file gets RSS of certain included websites, which contain link of an article, this file shows the link of the article. The RSS is passed through a Javascript code. If you know the web-development languages like JS , HTML and CSS then it is nothing hard for you.

I don't completely get what you are trying to achieve by making this instructable. Does it actually instruct you how to use it? All I see is a description of the files it makes (or something). Admittedly, I don't know my stuff when it comes to this. Again, this is meant to be constructive criticism, not destructive criticism.

I will delete this comment if requested to.
code source (author)  Prof. Pickle2 years ago
I wanted to add the code to show, how the gadget work? But this site run my codes and did not accepted the Instructable therefore I published my instructable with short description and this gadget is made by me, I will try to add more information.
Lastly, have a look over my gadget and sorry my English is not so good.
And thank you for commenting, I don't think it is a destructive criticism.
Oh, I get you. It all makes sense now. Good work.