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The sciphone i68+ is a very good clone of the ever popular iphone at a cut down price

This instructable will show you how to easily set up the GPRS and MMS settings on your sciphone i68 so that you can send and recieve picture messages and surf the internet.

Step 1: Go to Nokia Site

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step 1

Go to nokia site

You should see a screen like shown below.

Scroll down and Click on the green [Download standard settings] button.

Read the disclaimer and accept to continue.

Step 2:

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step 2

You should click next until you see the screen shown below.

Input the Phone Model as Nokia 2610 and click [next]

Step 3:

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Step 3

The next screen will show three options as shown in the image.:


We will need to complete this complete process three times all together, one for each of these settings, for now though; just select WAP/GPRS

Step 4:

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step 4

On this screen select your country from the drop down list, I have selected Ireland but yours will vary,

click [next]

Step 5:

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step 5

Select your mobile network operator on this screen, I have selected 02, and yours may vary.

click [next]

Step 6:

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step 6

On the next screen you will be asked for your service provided, or in other words, whether your are on either a pre payed (speak easy on 02) or contract (bill pay) tariff.

Enter your selection and click [next]

Step 7:

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Step 7

Following this you will see a screen similar to that shown below. Enter the Security measure digits as shown in the image and enter your mobile phone number. Note the country code is included here and is very important.

Typically you will drop the 0 from the beginning of your mobile number and simply add this to the country code number that is already present.

For example a mobile number of 0872122 will become +353872122 (with the irish country code). Your country code may differ.

At this point make sure your sim card is in your sciphone as you will soon be receiving a text message with your settings. Click on [order settings].

Step 8:

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Step 8

Follow on until you reach this screen and: Make sure you take note of the pin number highlighted in red.

When you receive this information by text message click the icon that appears on the sciphone screen to open then click [install] at the bottom left corner. You should be prompted for a pin, enter the pin that was noted in this step.

NOTE: sometimes the message disappears before it asks for a pin and does not save to your phone, in this case repeat all steps again, it only takes a moment.

NOTE: sometimes it takes up to an hour to receive the text message with your information, be patient. Finally save the settings and repeat this process for the other settings: MMS, Internet.

Leave this window open and once the settings have been saved to your sciphone click [order another setting] at the bottom of this window. This will take you back to the screen displaying the settings options (Step 3) repeat steps 3 to 8 again with the other two settings: MMS and Internet.

Enjoy your sciphone!


goran1975 (author)2009-03-15

how to settings for GPRS sciphone i68 + and MMS?

clu55ter (author)goran19752010-10-10

Let take the pain out of configuring your Sciphone/CECT handset to enable GPRS, WAP, MMS and Webmail. You could be surfing the web and sending/receiving multimedia messages within 24 hours

clu55ter (author)clu55ter2010-12-15

We now host the first UK based App Store for the sciphone

clu55ter (author)goran19752010-09-14

Let take the pain out of configuring your Sciphone/CECT handset to enable GPRS, WAP, MMS and Webmail. You could be surfing the web and sending/receiving multimedia messages within 24 hours

evengravy (author)goran19752009-03-21

im sorry but was that a question? im not sure what you mean. using this step by step the correct gprs and mms settings will be sent directly to your sciphone in a text message.

skippy1801 (author)2010-01-22

hi can you tell me how to get the settings for vodafone network on sci phones as i cant get mms r msn  thanks

clu55ter (author)skippy18012010-09-14

Why not let take the pain out of configuring your Sciphone/CECT handset to enable GPRS, WAP, MMS and Webmail. You could be surfing the web and sending/receiving multimedia messages within 24 hours

evengravy (author)skippy18012010-01-23

Ask Vodaphone customer services to TEXT the GPRS and MMS settings to your phone via SMS,

IMPORTANT: tell them the phone is a nokia 2610. These setting work for sciphone.

clu55ter (author)2010-08-09

Let take the pain out of configuring your Sciphone/CECT handset to enable GPRS, WAP, MMS and Webmail. This service is available in most countries including mainland Europe, North America, Austral Asia and more

kerrieJAMAICA (author)2010-06-10


kerrieJAMAICA (author)2010-06-10


clu55ter (author)2010-05-12

Hi heres the foolprof way of getting your MMS and WAP setting sent dirctley to your phone it's been tested and works 100% you can even have email client setting sent to your mobile if it's installed on your handset. Just go to

You can thank me later.

kieron4546 (author)2010-04-29

Tried the site drunkinfish suggested, but the settings for the internet etc still do not work. Stupid phone, wish I'd never bought it.

caseyy.xx (author)2010-03-29

This actually works. :D  how do you then get the apps to work  on the sciphone :S

marionbaker (author)2010-03-08

Hi all,

have just bought one of these new SCiphone i68s.   I liked the look of it but frankly I've probably bought the wrong phone because I don't intend to use it for email or games.
I am having some trouble though getting it to recognise my voicemail number.  I did manage ti get it working at one point, could dial into and listen to my voicemail, but can't now.  I keep getting a message to contact my customer services.  When I put the SIM card back into my old phone it works perfectly.  I'm on O2 (british) and no matter how many times a request settings, nothing comes back.  Can anyone help me set up my voicemail and keep it stable?  Thanks all in advance!


kkarv (author)2009-05-26

i dont see this page when i click on the link.

evengravy (author)kkarv2009-05-27

sorry guys it seems as if nokia have changed their site and removed the download settings option, possibly to prevent the setup of cheaper clones, i'll look around for alternative setup procedures asap

drunkinfish (author)evengravy2009-06-21

evengravy... I tried using your instructions on setting up the gprs but I too was unable to make it work. On the flipside, after some searching I found another post with instructions that worked for me. I have the sciphone which I'm using with T-mobile and It took me less than 10 min. to get my net and mms working. Here's the link Good luck guys!!!

skippy1801 (author)drunkinfish2010-01-22

hi do you happen to know how i do this on vodafone network plz as vodafone themselves were no help thanks

evengravy (author)drunkinfish2009-06-22

yea as i said nokia have removed this option from their site so it no longer works unfortunately, thanks for providing the alternate link for others drunkinfish

retden (author)2010-01-12

how do i set up a mini i9-168 ??? can anyone help me please ???

evengravy (author)retden2010-01-13

retden, sorry i'm not  aware of that model so i'm not sure if it will work but you can try asking your provider to TEXt the GPRS and MMS settings to your phone via SMS, tell them the phone is a nokia 2610. hope this helps, even

dutty83 (author)2009-09-05

hey guys i just bought a new sciphone from china but i am unable to set up my internet any ideas?

Schissim (author)2009-08-06

Well wil this work for ATT.? Thats what im under. Will the nokia d/l work for that?

evengravy (author)Schissim2009-08-07

should do, ask ATT to send the nokia 2610 settings to your phone via txt message then save them........simple

alotting (author)2009-08-03

I bought this Sciphone i68 from China. But what bother me is that i do not know how to change wallpaper. Anyone who can help me out.

Frangky (author)2009-06-23

tks a lot evengravy....

evengravy (author)Frangky2009-06-25

no probs guy

evengravy (author)2009-06-22

NOTE TO ALL!! this setup no longer works as nokia have changed their site, sorry, you guys can always contact your network customer services by phone and ask them to send the mms and gprs setting to your phone via text message, tell them the phone model is a NOKIA 2610.

Angelicangellover (author)2009-03-09

How can you do this if you can't get online in the first place?? any ideas?

I take it you mean you can't get online with the phone yes?

if this is so then you misunderstand, you need to go online with your PC, which i presume you can do since you left a comment here, follow the steps above and the settings will be text to your phone. simple.

you will not be able to go online with your phone until after you complete the steps above,

i hope this clears it up for you

any more questions give us a shout, it really is pretty easy though

kkarv (author)evengravy2009-05-22

does it cost money and is it for sci phone i68?

evengravy (author)kkarv2009-05-27

the setup does not cost anything, but you will obviously be charged when you go online with your phone though. this is for the sciphone i68 yes.

Angelicangellover (author)kkarv2009-05-22

it worked for me and i have the sci phone i68. and its free.

evengravy (author)2009-05-27

heres the direct link, works fine for me:

ndsipa.pomu (author)2009-05-01

The Nokia page seems to be different - there's no option to download settings.

zp75 (author)2009-04-15

Thanks for the help! Do you also know how to download apps from the itunes stores and make them work on the sciphone.

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