Scissor Star




Introduction: Scissor Star

For this rotating scissor linkage we used heat shrink tubing to join repeated S shape bends. Modifying the S to have one shorter segment allowed for the rotation, which gave us the star shape. We clearly just love stars!

Download the SVG below and try it out for yourself - it's a quick one. Maybe stick a boxing glove on the end. Or try bending and assembling your own mechanism. And let us know how it goes!

Step 1: Bend the Segments

Here's your modified S bend for the linkage system.

Step 2: Repeat

Repeat the bend 12 times and you're ready to assemble.

Step 3: Assemble

Use heat shrink or joined tubing to connect the bends along each middle segment.

Step 4: Join Everything Together

Join all the end segments to create your completed linkage system...

Step 5: Have Fun

Click on the picture to see a GIF of it in action.



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