Step 8: Transfer Dough to a Floured Surface and Shape

Place the dough onto a floured surface and fold it over a few times. Don't over work the dough or it will become tough.

Pat it out into a circle that is 8" to 10" wide and 1" thick.

Then, using a large knife, score and cut the dough into 8 even wedges.

If the knife sticks to the dough, you can use some flour on the edge of the blade to help ease it through.
Awesome flaky scones. I added chocolate chips instead of cranberries. Turned out amazing
DELICIOUS recipe. I didn't have all the cranberries/ginger/etc so I also made a batch of apple cinnamon scones, using your recipe as a base, and they were absolutely heavenly. About to make batch two as well and try it with blueberry next!
Note for future chefs wiser than I: if you make these with blueberries, ADD THE BLUEBERRIES AFTER THE BUTTERMILK. <br><br>My blueberries are squished, my scones are purple, and they still aren't mixed as well as the apple cinnamon ones. Oh well. They still taste good!
They're in the oven right now! They smell amazing! I can't wait to try them with the honey butter I whipped up.
I just ate 3. They are AMAZING.. Yummm. My mom say they're are better than scones that you buy from stores. I made them with apple cinnamon. I diced 2 apples, and added lots of sugar and cinnamon. YUM!
Mmmm, scones.
They look awesome. Nothing like a good cream tea to make me feel all britishy and hoorah about things. yum
Mmmm, those look excellent! Any leftovers?<br/><br/>I'll still put in a plug for <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Cream-Scones-with-Blueberries-and-Lemon/">Cream Scones</a> as being just about the best thing ever. They're exceptionally light, and don't involve any of that messy creaming in of solid butter chunks.<br/>
But the cream scones recipe has no butter! I mean, have you ever just eaten a chunk of butter? Without a doubt, butter is the best thing ever.
yes... butter is awesome... i blame it for my overweightness....
Ever had freshly churned butter? OMG.
hahahaha, i just ate one of those like 5 seconds ago...
mmmmmmm *drools* gonna have to make these!
What's the tattoo of?
oh man, I LOVE scones... They don't really sell them that much here, you really have to go out of your way to look for them I guess. But I guess I can try making them myself :D
Went to Ireland for a conference and discovered that they made scones in cupcake shapes/forms.... amazing,smart and handy if you would like to move them around, treating colleagues and such.
Yummmm... I made some blueberry scones a while ago. They were delicious. I just wasn't so careful with shaping them. I just plopped them on the cookie sheet and baked them. I'll have to try this recipie sometime.
I might actuallly make it! It looks GREAT!

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