My son Kaiden just turned 3 and he wanted a Scooby party. I scoured the internet for ideas and found TONS of good stuff! I took down notes for each thing I liked and took bits and pieces from several different sources. I didn't think to save the links to the sites I found them on and cant remember because there were so many, but thanks and props to those who originally thought of most of the stuff I did.

This party idea will work for just about any age 3 and over. Kaiden doesnt really know kids his age so all of the guests were over the age of 5. We had 15 guests in addition to my 2 kids so there were 17 kids total and the party took about 2 hours.

First things first

Choose a location, date, and time. Then make up some invites. We did ours message in a bottle style. We saved up some of those small gatorade bottles and cleaned them out. I made the invites on Photoshop and printed them 3 to a page. Cut them out, loosly roll them and slide them into the bottle. They fill out the bottle almost perfectly. I've attached the psd file so you can just change the info if you want to use ours.

When you know how many kids will be there, start making gift boxes. I made Scooby Snacks boxes for each guest. You will need:

Cereal boxes (one for each kid)
hot glue
paint and brushes

1. Break down each box so its flat(see photo)
2. flip over to plain side
3. hotglue back together along the original seams
4. draw out the layout of the scooby snack box design
5. Paint them
6. outline in sharpie

We put all these scooby snack boxes in a larger box and carried them from game to game so the kids could put their prizes in them.

Step 1: The Idea and Prep Work

The idea we went with is the mystery of the missing presents (recurring theme in most ideas I found). The kids will have to find clues to find out who stole the presents and earn prizes along the way. I chose to do this by picking out 8 classic scooby villians whose "lairs" the kids will have to pass through to follow the foot prints of the culprit. Each villian they pass has a clue about the culprit but the kids have to earn it by playing that villian's game. More about this later. First the 8 villians I chose are:

1. Creepy clown ghost
2. Old Iron Face
3. The Black Knight ghost
4. The Creeper
5. Mr. Hyde
6. The Headless Ghost
7. Captian Cutler's Ghost
8. The Spooky Space Kook

I looked up info about these villains and their episodes, then came up with a game to match.

The posters

1. Get a half sheet of poster board for each villain except the black knight
2. Draw one villain on each sheet (except black knight and headless ghost)
3. Paint them all
4. Write in the challenge
5. Attach the clue envelope.
~just cut a normal size envelope in half, tape the cut sides, write "clue #__" on it and tape to poster, opening flap facing out~

** choose a person that will be at the party to be the villain IE: mom or dad. We used Kaiden's father as the villain. Come up with clues that fit that particular person like their height, age, or tshirt color. You will need 7**
Write the clue on a small piece of paper and put in envelope. (my clues are listed later in this 'ible and I have typed in bold print the word you need to change to fit your villain if you use my clues.)

These will be taped up around your venue in the area the game is to be played

Foot prints
I made footprints to lead the kids from game to game in the order I wanted.
1. get 2 sheets neon green poster board
2. print a footprint template and cut it out
3. trace it on the poster board as many times as possible (I got 60 feet total)
4. cut the prints out

It was windy out the day of our party so I bought a pack of long nails and used these as stakes to pin the prints to the ground so they wouldnt blow away.

This is so cool! Doing this for my granddaughters party! Ty for the ideas'
<p>Sweet! Glad it was helpful.</p>
The ideas and concept were very well thought out. I find it very cleverer with the message in the bodiless and the cut outs great job
Thank you very much!
<p>Am I just an idiot, or what? Who stole the present?!?!?</p>
<p>Sorry I didn't see this comment earlier, I know we already worked this out, but just so others who had the same question have an answer: I have updated this Ible to make that more clear, I didn't realize I had left that important part out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)</p>
<p>Well, I have to say it was a success even if less than half the kids showed up :)</p>
<p>whoo hoo!!! awesome job on the posters and photo booths! I'm so happy to see someone do this! Made my day! thanks!</p>
OMG this is SOOO awesome!!! But it def looks like it took a lot of work and planning everything ahead of time, along with smart, innovative last minute adjustments. It's Tuesday Sept. 3rd at 6:03pm. My son's Scooby Doo birthday party is this Saturday Sept. 7th @1pm. I could never get all this stuff ready in time. I should've put more thought into the games aspect of the party, as u apparently did. Those photo booth cardboard cut-outs, did u draw &amp; paint them yourself? They look PERFECT!! Do u still have them??? I will pay u anyway i can if u did &amp; could ship them to me next day mail or something!! LOL, i know, i'm desperate here....haha! But i'm 4sure no artist, and obviously don't have an ounce worth of your talent, so do u know where i could possibly find something big enough to trace like this? I soooo wish i'd have thought to look this stuff up weeks ago &amp; then maybe i could've paid u to help me... :)
hey, thanks so much for the awesome compliments! I think I started looking for ideas a month early and even then I was still working up until the night before to get it all done. I'm not big on decorations but games are my thing. I did draw and paint the photo booths myself. Most of the things I did, you could just print out and glue instead of drawing and painting yourself. I may, if I have time, be able to use photoshop to enlarge a picture of shaggy and divide it up among several sheets of paper so you could just print and tape together, then cut out the face. I will try to get a chance to work on that tonight if you are interested.
I've uploaded the pictures for you to be able to make your own. They are now on step 11 just for you :)
Awwwww!!! I'm so happy my eyes are tearing up! Thank u so much!! I was out with my son all day today buying poster boards, poster paint, markers, glue, glitter &amp; anything else i could find to try &amp; pull off a few of your amazing accomplishments, since let's be honest, we all know i couldn't dream of doing them all. LOL! But i can't thank u enough for your help and the extra time you've had to spend away from your own kids just so u could help me. U r so sweet &amp; i just want to let u know u r soooo awesome &amp; i appreciate u from the bottom of my heart!! Because Lord knows i can't find any Scooby Doo anything anywhere hardly! I ordered all his party supplies, invitations, decorations, etc. online but didn't think about the games til maybe a few days ago. I really love the idea u had with the paint/water balloons. I bought a couple of those stiff poster boards from the Dollar Tree to use &amp; am going to try your version, but using a lil' more paint &amp; a lil' less water. I hope it works. U r a genius &amp; i wish i had 1/8th of your creativity and talent! Thanks again hun!
you are too kind, really. Im flattered that you are going to use my instructable, its people like you and comments like this that make this site awesome and drive me to write instructalbes! and no worries, my kids were in bed ;) but be sure to let me know how it worked out for you after the party :)
That is the coolest and most creative birthday party!
Thank you!! I'm glad you think so and took the time to tell me so :)

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