Scooby-Dooby Doo !!!!




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Introduction: Scooby-Dooby Doo !!!!

This is my favorite afghan I have done. I made it for my son's 4th birthday. He wanted a scooby themed party and a scooby blanket.So I made this using a G hook, 4-ply yarn and a graph. It is done in single crochet . It is a twin size afghan. It was very time consuming.I crochet pretty fast and this took me two months to finish.



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    Before you post your email address to a comments section that is receiving no reply from the original poster: this is known as a graph-gan. It's a stitch by number technique that allows you to crochet just about any picture you can find online that has pixels. Here is a good resource on how to do that for yourself:

    I would love to have the pattern, Do you have one I'll buy it. I joined instructables because I was hoping there was a pattern. Please help

    where can i get this pattern

    would love this pattern, where can i get it

    Did you get the pattern. I would love to get it too.

    Nope. I wish. I would love to make it.

    I want the pattern too. Please. Please. For an autistic child.

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    If you got the pattern can you tell me where to get it or share it please.

    It is stunning, where can I get the pattern?

    Hi there. Does anybody have the pattern for this blanket. My daughter is in love with it

    Is there any way I could get this pattern?

    Could I get the pattern I would love to make it for my grandkids and son.

    can i have the pattern for this please