Picture of Scooby-Dooby Doo !!!!
This is my favorite afghan I have done. I made it for my son's 4th birthday. He wanted a scooby themed party and a scooby blanket.So I made this using a G hook, 4-ply yarn and a graph. It is done in single crochet . It is a twin size afghan. It was very time consuming.I crochet pretty fast and this took me two months to finish.
Girlygirl752 months ago
Is this pattern still available?
penny.kembel4 months ago

How do I buy the pattern

itslilolme5 months ago
Where do i get the pattern please?
itslilolme5 months ago
Where would i get this pattern?
MarisaS6 months ago

It is stunning, where can I get the pattern?

dainaarnold7 months ago
Hi there. Does anybody have the pattern for this blanket. My daughter is in love with it
klr38868 months ago

Is there any way I could get this pattern? kelley.walerius@gmail.com

Could I get the pattern I would love to make it for my grandkids and son. Estherno@gmail.com
cyndi.rooney8 months ago

Wow!! Great job, I would like to try to make your pattern. May I please have the pattern. Thank you Cynthia.Rooney@aol.com

can i have the pattern for this please vickitubbs@yahoo.com

can i have the pattern for this please.. he is my favorite.. acker732011@hotmail.com
Husa2 years ago
Please give me the pattern!Thanks a lot hegyi.dyana@freemail.hu
Holy. Guacamole. I am so in awe of you... I don't know if I could pull this off, but would you be willing to put up instructions for this? I freaking need this. :) Personally, I think I'd do mine with a Scooby Teal background instead of white, as white would just get dirty too quick for me. haha. But wow. You are amazing. Truly amazing. I'd love to see a Charlie Chaplin Little Tramp fully body one, if you take requests. ;)
xxev755 years ago
wow you are amazing. good job.
auralay0005 years ago
You rock!  I remember a rocket and spaceman blanket that you made once for Ronald McDonald house.  It blows my mind how good you are at this. :o)
leeski5 years ago
 since noone has said it yet.  scooby dooby doo.  My 4yr old son would love a peter pan, if you have the time...
Bartboy5 years ago
Mom rules...
tootoo7 years ago
I love this!!! It is soooo cute!
bipsqueen7 years ago
I love this!! My sister has Downs Syndrome and she loves Scooby and would love this afghan!!
Michelej77 years ago
That is really cute. Well done. The graphic is perfect. My 4 yr old would love that blanket as well.
Very nice! It looks very realistic, you're posting REALLY cool knits, awesome job.