Scoochmaroo Challenge: Origami & Paper Craft!

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This Week's Challenge:  Origami & Paper Crafts

You all impressed me so much this week that I had no choice but to bump up the prize tier so I could award even more of you the honor of winning! (I blame your amount of amazing entries and the resulting sleepless nights I endured trying to choose winners for the lateness of this announcement.)

Congratulations to the winners and to all of the amazing entrants!


1st Place

Modular Origami Dragon by Nameramthgin

2nd Place

Origami Pop-up Popcorn Cards by kitchentablescraps
Origami-Rose byBetu
Morphing Origami Star by origamic12
Folded Schooner Tub Stopper by shesparticular
Origami Abundance Hen bysunshiine

1) You MUST post either a Step-By-Step or Photo Instructable (no Videos)
2) All Step-By-Step Instructables MUST have at least 3 steps and full photo documentation. All Photo Instructables MUST have at least 5 photos and a written explanation.
3) There is no limit to the number of Instructables you can post. However, no duplicate entries are allowed.
4) Projects that do not meet the criteria of the challenge will not be permitted to enter.
5) The judges reserve the right to disqualify anyone who cheats or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct.
6) To be clear, the project MUST be published after the challenge has started to be eligible.

(see the official rules here)

All entries must be published and posted in the comments below posted by Midnight September 15th PST

All entries will be exclusively judged by Scoochmaroo based on successful completion, originality, and overall execution of the Instructable. Winners will be announced on September 16th.

A simple paper aeroplane became the most dangerous Instructable I've published for some time. Seriously.

Don't be discouraged by the seemingly complexity of this model or the amount of creases necessary. it is actually fairly easy, and with practiced hands can take less than three minutes to make. Enjoy,...

This is one origami model I made some time ago.

Designed to enable paper helicopter operations in smaller places than the standard sized paper helicopter, the Hoverfly is a small "drone" chopper. The Hoverfly was designed after I realized very f...

How to make an attractive fish mobile from paper.

A nice, easy fun origami project. Try to use colorful, smooth, glazed paper for optimal results. You will need 8 sheets of square origami paper. (note: The square i used was already pre-creased. Obvio...

A slight variation of the original dollar shirt. I'm not sure if this has been done before. It uses two dollar bills.

This is a easy- medium level origami project. It may be somewhat difficult to newcomers, but to practiced hands it should be fairly easy.

Tub and sink stoppers can be pretty standard, but with a few items and a little work, bath time can be loads more fun!

A nice, easy fun origami project. Try to use colorful, smooth, glazed paper for optimal results. You will need 8 sheets of square origami paper. I used two sheets of origami paper and divided them in...

This is an origami frog that actually jumps!  

Hi, first of all if you don’t understand some part please ask Second well, when you see a photo of this rose it will look Complicated, but believe me is quite easy if you are used with make origami. p...

In this instructable I'll be showing you how to make a cool little paper toy that is easy to make and very fun to play with! Let's begin! Here's a video of it in action when complete! &amp...

I made a box from layered paper some time ago, since then I've wanted to try to make other things using this method, one idea I had was to make a ring. Seeing that maps seem to be rather popular right...

If you are looking for a stylish, practical, easy, and economical way to store your earrings,  then the Origami Earring Caddy is the way to go!  You can make this in less than 2 hours.  I guarantee yo...

This easy-to-make toy is based on the same principle as many other treat-dispensing toys. The large outer ball houses a smaller ball that holds the treat. With enough interaction, the treat will fall ...

Well this is one of my favorites origamis, because its a "2 in 1 origami" it can be a cube or a rose, and is a very simple origami ( if you want a more realistc rose try

This project has been kicking around on my desk for a few months now, so thanks to scoochmaroo for giving me a much-needed push to finally write it up. This project started when I was looking for a wa...

Create an elegant three-petal iris.  It's a traditional iris using a triangle as a base instead of a square.

This will show you step by step, with photos( a million of the dang things) how to fold this dragon I designed. It may look complicated but trust me, if you can fold a crane you can make this easy. It...

This is an entry for the weekly challenge.  Because origami is so beautiful I wanted to make an origami craft that would be practical and useful.  I made a refrigerator magnet for this tutorial.  I am...

A few years ago, a friend of mine that I introduced to modular origami showed me how to make this particular paper swan. This design is unique in that it builds wings with many many levels of modular ...

Duct tape is truly magical. It can be used for nearly everything, including creating an awesome little duckie which can then be attached to a tub stopper to make taking a bath super fun!

This Instructable is on how to make a origami Cube Led Mood Lamp The idea came to me when i first made an origami cube and thought it would be really cool if i lit it up with leds You will need: Le...

Show your sci-fi sweetheart how much you love him/her/it with a steampunky bouquet. Since traditional origami shapes are all about angles, they can translate to other mediums (at least simple ones c...

Origami is a creative  craft to make.  I decided to make something useful so I could enjoy it much longer.  Here is an abundance hen from fabric that serves as a basket for any small trinkets, food, o...

I got tought how to make this by my grandma's,best friend's daughter's husband. P:S this is an entry for a scoochmaroo play challenge :)

When I saw the origami and paper craft contest. I knew exactly what I wanted to post. I made this design all by my self. I didn't copy anyone that I know of.  The Materials you need: Notecards DUH!!...

The Golden Slipper Orchid is a beautiful species of Orchid.  But for those times you can't have a real Golden Slipper Orchid, you can have a vase full of origami Orchids for your table.  One of the be...

I have recently been experimenting with origami using the folding methods to make useful items.  Here is an adorable origami purse I made from a tutorial online.  It is quick, easy, and cheap.  You ca...

I have made this up myself and if anyone else has made it already, I don't know. This is modular origami. So, here we go!


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