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This Week's Challenge: Reuse!
For some examples of the prizes in use, check out the MakeDo website or their Instructable page



(alphabetical order)

Recycle your old cargo pants into a satchel!
by alaskantomboy
5-Gallon Bucket Swing
by bennelson
Recycled Magazine Pages Bowl
by DeandrasCrafts
Recycled blue jean ball
by Dr. P
Build a Play Stove from Recycled Laminated Cardboard
by Leper
Junk yard lamp
by liquidhandwash
Hydropower from Reuse
by masynmachien
Cereal Box Butterflies
by supersoftdrink
How To Make An Easy Shirt From Two Silk Scarves
by Talk2thetrees
Using Apple Leftovers from Juicing - Pectin & Apple Sauce
by vkoudymov

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