Scooter Soccer





Introduction: Scooter Soccer

This is very fun game to play and it doesn't take a lot of effort to set up. I hope you guys like the sport/game I made up. Don't forget to vote for this in the sport invention contest. I would really appreciate that.

Step 1: What You Need to Play

First you will need a ball, obviously. I recommend a soccer ball, but a basketball may work too.
Secondly, you will need scooters. You will need one scooter per player. The game is most fun with 4+ players. Two forwards, two goalies. Finally, you will need a goal. You can use anything that will catch or stop the ball when you shoot at it. I just used a cooler and two pieces of wood. Yes, things that simple can be used as a goal.

Step 2: Video of How You Score and Play.

Step 3: Rules.

There is not many rules, but the ones I have made are here:
1. At least one foot must remain on the scooter at all times.
2. There is no pushing another off a scooter. If this rule is broken a two minute time penalty will be on the pusher.
3. You start the ball at your goal.
4. Have fun!!! :D

Now go play this cool game with your friends or whoever. You are welcome to add or take away any rule you come up with or don't like. As I said have fun and don't forget to vote for this Instructable. Thank's for viewing!



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this is a smart idea and very simple I love it keep working on it

this is an amazing idea keep trying

Ha ha. Your English is terrible and you obviously have a pretty sad life if you think that someone's footwear is cause for ridicule.

Clever, but something's not right on the 2nd video.

I used to play this exact same game.... with a fuzion asphalt as well....

this would be a great application for a Xootr.

good idea but a bit lazy work?:D

really really cool. really like it.