Picture of Scooter conversion from child's bike
I found a kids 16 inch bike in a dumpster, and thought it might make a good base for a adults sized scooter.

It was pretty cheap to make with most of the cost in bolts and paint.


1 child's 16 inch BMX bike
20mm plywood (800 x 160mm)
22.2mm steel tube
5 x 8mm bolts and nylock nuts
4 x 6mm bolts and nylock nuts
7 x panel washers
1 can undercoat spray paint
1 can topcoat spray paint
8 x 60mm wood screws
Brake cable inner and outer

Tools Used

Rasp file
Metal file
Drill with 6 and 8mm bits
Wire brush
Ring spanners

Step 1: Deconstruct the bike

Picture of Deconstruct the bike
Remove all the parts that are surplus to your requirements, and strip the bike down to the frame.

Put aside the following:

Headset stem and handlebars
Forks, bearings etc

I know this is an old 'ible, but i am doing the same thing, but with a pair of electric hub motors, 48v 1000 watt each, brushless, and hemp the suspension components from the 24 inch mtb
Cool. I found a bike the same way. Working on cutting the frame now
GofishRC0073 years ago
Put a motor on and you have a go-ped!Good ible might build one myself.
Daftehh3 years ago
Hows the speed on this? any videos?
blacksteel42 (author)  Daftehh3 years ago
I use it to keep up with my kids (4,6, 8) on their bikes so it's OK.
This is an awesome idea, do the brakes still work?
blacksteel42 (author)  Philisawesome3 years ago
The brake works fine. You could prob mount a rear brake as well and run the cable under the deck, but the front only pulls up OK.
duckef3 years ago
I'm going to try and use an old skateboard deck to use for the stand plate to give my large feet space
paganwonder3 years ago
I had the same idea for my commute to work- thanks for sharing your build, helps my confidence for trying it myself!
That's what I will be using it for and it looks simple enough to build.
mstyle1833 years ago
i had something similar in mind for another project.. was debating betweeen a 16 inch bike or 20 inch bike.. 16 inch bike it is!! thanks for this.. now i need a welding machine.. some cutters saw etc lol
ilpug3 years ago

t looks like that^

Great build! 
rimar20003 years ago
Good recycling work.

I think the union of the front deck is a little weak. Maybe you can to weld a bigger foot to join it with more screws to the platform.
I think (for a non-welded project) a wider plate underneath the deck (as mentioned in step 5) would be good.

To my eye, that particular joint looks as though it would flex and provide a certain amount of suspension.
blacksteel42 (author)  rimar20003 years ago
I'd love to if I had the welding skills. I must get to a class on it. Cheers.