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This is a scope iv been working on for a while. It is very accurate. Well what do you think????


knexboy586 (author)2013-11-21

can i post instructions i will give you full credit

dansdoc (author)2010-07-09

if instructions were clearer i would make it

chevy62 (author)2010-03-12

please leave instructions.

Lowney (author)2009-10-16

 Looks pretty good!

TigerNod (author)2009-07-11

Could e better, could be worse. PS: You have to give dsman credit for this though. He invented the stuff with the wheels.

J Moneyman (author)TigerNod2009-08-11

he did?

TigerNod (author)J Moneyman2009-08-13

Sorry, it wasn't dsman, dj radio pointed out it was mepain that made the scope.

amtdude (author)2009-07-10

what he said

TwistedParadox (author)2009-07-09

Doesn't look very attractive, does seem very accurate though.

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