Scorpion 360 C.D.M (Critical Demelition Mass)





Introduction: Scorpion 360 C.D.M (Critical Demelition Mass)

Check my TKBT (The Knex Bear Trap) too!
This is one of my sweetest looking guns.
It has a range of 25 to 60 ft depending on the quality and the number of rubberbands

-Cool ass design
-True trigger
-Can take a punch
-Very powerful
-Pretty low part use

-Magazine doesn't work at all
-Painful when you get hit (if you hit someone else, it's a pro)

Step 1: Firing Pin

build this

Step 2: Fake Magazine Sides

Build this 2 times

Step 3: Fake Magazine Bottom

build this

Step 4: Handle for Walking

This part enables you to carry it without the trigger sitting in the way

Step 5: Barrel

This is the most time-consuming and painful part to build

Step 6: Side Panels

this part is very important 'cause without it, it would'nt even work half as good as it would with these two on it

build it two times

Step 7: Handle

This part is for putting on the trigger and for comfort

Step 8: Trigger

For holding the firing pin from shooting to early

Step 9: Putting It Together

Pic 1: handle + barrel
Pic 2: put them together
Pic 3: trigger + barrel
Pic 4: put them together
Pic 5: put the mag bottom and the sides together
Pic 6: fake mag + barrel
Pic 7: put them together
Pic 8: firing pin + barrel
Pic 9: shove in the firing pin
Pic 10: side panels + barrel
Pic 11: put them together
Pic 12: handle for walking
Pic 13: put them together

Step 10: Rubberbands Emplacement

Pic A: put the rubberbands like so

Pic B: Put the rubberbands like so

Step 11: The Ammo

The ammo is red rods as shown

Step 12: It's Done!!!!

Well, you've got yourself the Scorpion 360 C.D.M
have freaking much fun with my knex gun!!!



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    a built it and when i fire it w/ a red or gray rod as the ammo it kicks back! ! ! ! !

    Hi, I have made a new bullet for you rifle​​, this is the link to the instructable:


    It's not really a rifle, but whatever. Lol

    mini rifle dan, sommige mensen (mberg bijvoorbeeld) vinden het een mini AK-47 lol

    Lol, lijkt het mischien op maar dat was niet echt de bedoeling

    i can ballance it on mag!

    what kind of sized rod is carrying handle?

    it kinda (KINDA) looks like a AK-47.