Introduction: Scorpion Car

This is an AWESOME car works smoothly and looks awesome

Step 1: Parts

You will need

3 green clips

2 orange clips

4 blue/purple rods

4 wheels

1 90° piece

2 green rods

1 white rod

2 orange straight clips

Step 2: The Base

Connect the blue clips to the orange clips and then add the green clips to the end

and the blue clips to the end/other side

then add the wheels

Step 3: The Tail

add a orange straight clip and add a green rod to it.

then add the 90° piece followed by the stinger a green rod(any rod will work)

Step 4: Variation

there are 100's of ways to variate this car but here's a picture of one way you can variate it.

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sandroknexmaster made it!(author)2014-08-11

Ha, cool!

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