Introduction: Scotch Eggs

Picture of Scotch Eggs

Have it for Breakfast or Enjoy with a Beer. It's an ideal comfort food

Ground Sausage (I used Italian Seasoned just to save time)
Bread Crumb
Veg. Oil for Deep Frying
Salt and Pepper to taste (in this case, I didn't use any)

Grated Parmesan

Step 1: Boil, Cool, Peel

Picture of Boil, Cool, Peel

Boil the eggs
Soft- 5-7min
Hard- 7+min
(*Note- if you are going for soft boiled eggs, be super careful when peeling)

Put them in Ice Cold water to stop the cooking process

Peel and set aside

Step 2: Wrap It Up

Picture of Wrap It Up

Place a plastic wrap on your working surface (It makes thing way easier)

Place a portion of the ground sausage top and flatten out with hands

Flour the egg and place in the center of the ground sausage (Flour makes the meat stick to the egg)

Grab the plastic wrap and wrap the egg with the meat (Pinch off any excess and shape the egg)


Step 3: Foodies Assemble!!

Picture of Foodies Assemble!!

Have bowls of flour, beaten egg, and breadcrumb ready

Start with the flour, lightly flour and brush off excess

Then beaten egg, sorta wiping away excess

And lastly the Breadcrumbs

Wrap each individually in plastic wrap and place in the fridge till you are ready to cook

Step 4: Fry Em Golden

Picture of Fry Em Golden

Heat up the oil to 375°F for deep frying

Only fry them till Golden Brown

Meantime, preheat Oven to 350°F

Step 5: Bake and Serve

Picture of Bake and Serve

Bake for 10min.

To Serve/Optional:
On top of a lettuce with tomato slices
Cut in half and sprinkle Parmesan or Parsley or both :)



sunshiine (author)2014-02-25

Congrats on winning grand prize!

MeloVlog (author)sunshiine2014-02-25

Thank You :D great way to start my day lol

sunshiine (author)MeloVlog2014-02-25

Yeah I hear you! Hope everyday is a great start for you!


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ThomasB6 (author)2015-04-02


packersmoversdelhi (author)2015-02-28

I Love Eggs

galiliosharma (author)2015-02-22

Fabulous Work

olivia11 (author)2015-01-14


manishamalhotra (author)2015-01-06

Tried its good

BrianDean (author)2015-01-01

looking delicious

davis31 (author)2014-12-19

very good

rose124 (author)2014-12-04

good one

drchaitanya (author)2014-07-09

Tried its good

BARNABASSABA (author)2014-05-23

Congrats On ur Time

bajablue (author)2014-03-01

Looks DELICIOUS! :-P~~~

NetWt4Lbs (author)2014-02-04

I have made these before but I didn't like them, perhaps it's an acquired taste for me lol
Great handy food though, all in one breakfast

kbaldwin11 (author)2014-01-30

Off the wall question, you a military family?

MeloVlog (author)kbaldwin112014-01-31

Yeah, that's spot on.

kbaldwin11 (author)MeloVlog2014-02-01

Lol is it bad I recognized the the kitchen and dining room table?
Thank you for this tutorial, I've always wanted to try these.

n0ukf (author)2014-02-01

Suggestion I've read for easy peeling eggs. Don't use the freshest eggs, let them sit a week to 10 days before boiling.

dasmoose (author)2014-01-29

I love a good scotch egg! As a twist I wrap in bacon and throw on the smoker instead of frying.

metqa (author)dasmoose2014-02-01

That is a great idea. Do you wrap the bacon after the sausage? I made sausage wrapped eggs. Was the best thing I tasted that day!

nanaverm (author)2014-01-30

They look delicious! Why would one bake them after frying?

metqa (author)nanaverm2014-02-01

I don't put a bread coating on the outside so I can just fry them all the way, but if the meat coating is thick enough, it won't cook completely by the time the outer breading is browned. Baking it afterward ensures that the meat is cooked thoroughly.

thumbedmonkey (author)2014-01-31

How well do these freeze or at least store in the refrigerator? I'd pretty much have to make them up ahead of time and store them. I'm the only adult carnivore in my house, so this would be a food for parties. I suppose freezing after the surface frying would be the ideal step to store them.

metqa (author)thumbedmonkey2014-02-01

The egg becomes rubbery after having been frozen and thawed, and there is a bit of liquid that comes out because of crystalization, but if you reheat them in the oven then it dries up. In the nuker, it's a bit wet, but is salvegable. I'd prefer to just eat them up within the week. I kept some for three days in a cooler and they were good to the last day and I didn't get sick or anything bad.

pjevdjic (author)2014-02-01

I'm not sure I got this clear,do I deep fry them wraped in plastic wrap? If so,can someone explain me why?

MeloVlog (author)pjevdjic2014-02-01

no no no D: sry, I just wrap it and put it in the fridge till im ready to fry them. (edited :) )

pjevdjic (author)MeloVlog2014-02-01

Oooh ok,thanks. :D

I don't cook at all,I'm pretty much a noob to all this things,but when I saw this instructable,it looked very deliciuos,so I will definitely try to make it. :D

kurshiukas (author)2014-01-31

Is there a variation of this, that does not include frying? Looks really tasty.

jlanaux (author)kurshiukas2014-01-31

I bet you could substitute a shake-n-bake coating like you would chicken and bake them.

kmurray2 (author)2014-01-31

i make these for when i go camping make them the night before chill then in the fridge next morning put them in foil and slowly heat them by the fire

zz383mero (author)2014-01-30

All I can say is

headlemk (author)2014-01-30

Scotch is a liquor. Your title should use Scot or Scottish (I was soundly, angrily and publicly corrected by a Scotsman). I was looking for liquor in the recipe.

headlemk (author)headlemk2014-01-30

ok. Good to know. Learned something new.

wikkit (author)headlemk2014-01-30

They are called Scotch eggs. They have nothing to do with Scotland or Scots, they were invented in London, possibly inspired by Moghul cuisine.

ourkid (author)headlemk2014-01-30

These are known across the whole of the British Isles as Scotch eggs and almost certainly weren't invented in Scotland.


oilitright (author)2014-01-30

I make scotch eggs for holiday and special occasion days. It's a load of work but everyone seems to enjoy them. I serve them with yeast risen waffles. Together they are hard to beat.

ottermann (author)2014-01-30

I tried your method and it was fantastic. I used home made Bangers for the sausage though. In the past, I never oven baked mine, always fried them. This method was much better as the sausage didn't split.

rosemary gillespie (author)2014-01-29

I think this is a great idea and very tasty too. I can't wait to try the oven baking ones.

Thank you for sharing this recipe. Is it traditional Scotish food?

I'm not best to answer that question. My guess is maybe :\ Its a UK dish, "British-style" pubs would serve them and its pretty big in Renaissance Festivals.
Also my version is just one of many. (ex. some would use quail eggs, some would only fry and not bake, many would use different spices/herbs etc.)

Phoghat (author)2014-01-29

Used to make these all the time when my kids were small, but with bulk breakfast sausage. Think I ll make some for Super Bowl

emikayee (author)2014-01-27

This is great, I've always wanted to make scotch eggs!
P.S. It's subtle but I love that you're wearing a kilt for this!

hank3fan (author)2014-01-27

It's been forever since I've had these. I think I'll make these for the game this weekend.

chcagr (author)2014-01-27

Love Scotch eggs!!! Thank you for sharing this.

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