This is a simple guide for building a copper Scottish terrier. This could be a pendant or a tag for your dog.
I don't have images of the process so I  created drawing for each one of it.

Step 1: Trace the Figure

Take a copper sheet and trace the figure you want to end up with.

Step 2: Cut the Figure

Use a Jeweler's saw to cut out the figure.
since the Scottie has very straight lines be very careful no to brake the saw.

Step 3: File the Figure

Take a jeweler's file and smooth out the edges of the Scottie. Again be very careful not to brake the ears or the tail off.

Step 4: Make the Skirt

To make it more interesting I added a curly skirt to make it more Scottie like.

Use the saw to make straight lines on the skirt. Not to thin or they might brake.

Step 5: Torch

Using a torch, apply the flame to the figure until it changes color.
Once this happens, the copper will be malleable and it would be easy to shape the skirt

Step 6: Shape the Skirt

Take  round nose pliers and twist each section of the skirt. Not to much, or guess what, it will brake!

Step 7: Make a Hole

We need a hole so we can wear it.
Use a sharp pliers or any other sharp object to  make the hole.

Don't make it to centered or the weight of the head will pull it down. That happened to mine!

There are also tools specially for this.

Step 8: Cool the Scottie

Once finished with the skirt, place the figure in water to cool down the cooper.

Step 9: Scottie Ready!

Your Scottie pendant is now ready to be used! Enjoy!
Cute and clever! loves it.

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