Technically, scoubidou uses plastic cords, but since this is a knot I've learned with it, I'll just call it a scoubidou bracelet. They are really fun and easy to make and this is just one of many possibilities. Oh, and I must add, it's a perfect activity for a rainy day.
I hope you will try making this yourself, if you have, I would love to see pictures :)
So, have fun making, and I hope you like it!

Step 1: What Do You Need

- Yarn (I used 3 different colours, but that's up to you of course!)
- Scissors
- A rainy day (optional)
it's really beautiful & easy I love it
<p>Do you have to use 1.2 metes?</p>
<p>Glad you tried and liked it! </p>
I like the colors u used
<p>Thank you!</p>
there sooooooo gud im gonma make them later after breacky!
Glad you like it!
I made three of these, your tutorial was perfect
Great! Could you post a picture?
Scoubi-doubi-do!<br>I apologize, the pun simply had to be made. <br>Nice turorial! I never learned this. Maybe I'll try it this weekend... :)
thank you!
Aww, I remember the scoubidou craze way back. This would look great with the plastic ones or with embroidery thread. Nice one.
thank you
this is a great idea or friendship band
It is indeed!
Works great as a present
It sure does!
Thank you!

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