Picture of Scout
Project Motivation

This project is a collaboration between  izzylink and bhasudha(me), for the course 'Things That Think' (CSCI 7000) at The University of Colorado - Boulder, Fall 2012.  This project was completed in the limited timetable of 4 weeks, however if this project was recreated it would take about a week or two to complete.  

We wanted to create an interactive diorama that can be used to educate kids, through something they love - Games. We came up with the idea of an interactive map to make learning about places more fun. This interactive game is similar to a treasure hunt. The player collects voice clues to navigate from start to target. We named this project "Scout", in the spirit of the exploration of a treasure hunter. We believe that scout is fun to play and its rich ,interactive medium helps kids learn a lot more information.

About the Game

The map highlights the popular places, "landmarks", across the United States.  It is played by starting at one of these landmarks (Seattle in our game) and listening to voice instructions before traveling to the next landmark.  Cool facts are also played as the player is traveling, teaching them about the places they are going through or visiting.  Different vehicles (or player objects) are available for traveling to each of these landmarks.

Game Rules

1. Begin at the starting landmark.
2. Move over the pressure sensors, collect voice clues and interesting facts at each point.
3. Use appropriate tools to navigate the map.  These are the player objects, and are miniature versions of different vehicles.
4. Obtain a visa, at the last landmark, to go to the next country.