Picture of Scout Project: How to build a Trebuchet
So for whatever reason, the front page of my Instructable is blank... after me writing (in my opinion) a pretty cool opening... Damnation! Well... lets try this again huh?

Well... welcome to the second installment of my Scout projects... In this Instructable, I shall try to show you wonderful people how to construct both miniature and true scale WORKING Trebuchets!

A trebuchet by simple definition is an ancient form of long range weaponry, which uses the combined force of gravity, and a pivot point to propel an object.

As previously explained, I am a Scout leader, and I find that, doing is better than listening, by getting my Scouts to build something using the skills in these following chapters, they can see the context and usefulness of a particular knot, lashing or method. Plus they have a damn good time flinging things across fields and alike hehe (don't we all!)

I have found the need to draw some of the processes due to my photo's not being too clear... All I ask is that you don't be an asshat and pass them off as your own. If you want to use them in another I'ble let me know.. I am a reasonable adult.

So sit back... enjoy... and lets get building!

NB: Whilst I'm not going to insult your intelligence, I am going to assume you readers are fairly responsible... but on the off chance that your an idiot, I am going to make this PERFECTLY CLEAR... I take absolutely NO responsibility for any damages or injuries sustained (either to yourself, people around you property or environment) during the manufacture or use of this Item. Everything you do is at your own risk, and I am in no ways liable for any of your actions

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iamgamer33 years ago
that really didnt make any sense, but at least i already know how to tie a knot lol. Great job by the way. i hope you dont mind but im going to use this for a school project.
Biggsy (author)  iamgamer33 years ago
Aslong as you send me a picture of how well it turned out :)
well my teacher made me take it apart because some of the dowels were his but im going to make a new one when summer starts
Biggsy (author)  iamgamer33 years ago
well bbq sticks and cotton works really well :)
I love the word "trebuchet." I want a bumper sticker that reads:

Biggsy (author)  Silver Buttons4 years ago
Kofoed4 years ago
me and my scout group once made a "full size" (+/- 2 meters high) Trebuchet, it shot 70 meters or about 230 feet :D it was so cool but unfortunately it broke the first or second time we shot it, and we haven't rebuild it xD
Biggsy (author)  Kofoed4 years ago
We once built two trebuchets and fired water balloons at one an othr... that was good fun
tim_n4 years ago
Amazingly over engineered - we do this with elastic bands :) I've just been doing some full scale projects, working my group up to building a full size pioneering trebuchet.
Biggsy (author)  tim_n4 years ago
In all honesty I loathe green garden stick/elastic band pioneering... I don't think it teaches the kids anything.... when I build /pioneer with my scouts, we use nothing smaller than broom staves, so they can lash and knot... I don't see the point of dooing the activity otherwise.... Elastic band pioneering perhaps is good for beavers and younger cubs... but i dont think it can replace the knot work...
deseqer4 years ago
Nice Clean lashings. What is the overall size of your scale model? also what size of twine have you found works well with this size of project?
Biggsy (author)  deseqer4 years ago
To be honest on thease small scales, embroidery cotton works just as well as what I used... not sure about the sizeing of the yarn... It's similar strand width to that of embroidery silk, I haven't a clue where I got it from... But I tell you what would work really well, is the waxed cordage you can get from craft shops such as Hobby Craft (in the UK)

If its any help... the reel the yarn is on says:sylko Perle' no.5 bey(think thats the colour)

the smaller trebuchets are about 3 or 4 inches high... I can't put my hand to a ruller at the moment, but I hope that helps :)
Biggsy (author) 4 years ago
Hmm apparently this I'ble has been Featured... but no funky banner yet.... All in good time I imagine....but well... YAY me ;)