Step 8: Projectile arm 1

Picture of Projectile arm 1
So, luckily, I have more pictures for this arm... So you can at least get an idea of how to make the simple projectile arm... For Arm 2 you'll have to put up with my drawings...

This arm is made up of three square lashings and one tripod lashing.

Image 2 gives you an idea of the construction before being lashed up

First you want to start by making a sorta crucifix shape like in picture 3. Then by adding your two side pieces (that make up the support for the arm) using, you guessed it ... SQUARE LASHINGS you should get a ...fork shape.. Like in picture 4

Now, using the tripod lashing that you saw in the last step... lash up the top end, to make the shape of image 5!