Step 4: Sand

Sand off any rough edges. This is pretty easy, isn't it?

<p>very nice idea</p>
Funny I was looking for near Scrabble ideas for my website, http://wordunscrambler.com , and stumbled onto your decoration. <br> I thought you would put 2 green LED's on the sides or maybe and green and red. <br> But this old fashioned style is much better. Classic.
Such a cute idea! I think I'll make these as stocking stuffers.
LOVE THIS! I have tons and tons of scrabble letters that I've collected over the years from thrift stores. Couple this with a craft show coming up in two weeks and I have the perfect unique item! THANK YOU for posting!
You can purchase just the tiles and racks from Hasbro's replacements parts page
This is amazing!
Ooooh, I love this. We are &quot;Word Nerds&quot; at my house. I am going to use one of our old Scrabble sets and make up a set of ornaments with each family members' names on them. Thanks for this fantastic inspiration.
I love Scrabble and I love your ornaments.
That is fantastic! I will now be looking out for scrabble sets at charity stores and garage sales so that I can make some of these for next Christmas.
yes, great idea<a href="http://netallergy.ru/">.</a>
This is a really great idea! I'd love to try this.
Oooo, yes, great idea.
Nice, I know a Scrabble fan who would love this!

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