Scrambled Eggs - still in the Shell !

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Step 2: Scramble time

Now we scramble!  Grab the ends of the nylons, one end in each hand, with the egg suspended in the middle.  Begin to twist the nylon around the egg, about 20-25 twists.  When it is fully twisted, pull the ends of the nylon apart quickly.  The nylon should untwist itself, spinning the egg rapidly.

Repeat about 10 times.

If you are letting the kids help, you may be concerned about handing them what are essentially flails made of nylon and raw egg.  I don't blame you :)  But have no fear!  Simply put each egg in a ziploc bag before you put it in the nylon.  Now if they smack an egg on a table top (or their sibling's head), there'll be no mess to clean up (only hurt feelings).
trevormac2 years ago
wdnt it be easier to break the egg into a hot pan and stir it about with milk?
We need a machine for doing this, something in the line of the apple peeler…
F13nt2 years ago
The older an egg is, the more fragile the membrane that keeps the yolk in its proper place and shape gets, and the easier the yolk breaks. That's why its harder to make sunnyside eggs with old eggs.
dmoloch4 years ago
lol there is going to be EGG WAR FAIR going on later
war fair or warfare? because both could be extremely funny xD
Well all is (a fair) in war and love :)
topper24 years ago
im trying this as soon as I get home from work thank you for posting the instructable
mallen104 years ago
to scramble i simply shook vigorously for about 30 seconds and got the same results.
nomeoslo4 years ago
This is *SO* cool. I was going to make a whole pot of boiled eggs for a trip - this is going to make them a big surprise! ;-) Thanks for a great instructable!