Scrambled Eggs - still in the Shell !

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Step 5: Now what?

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Now that you can make Golden eggs, what can you do with them? Well...
  • Just eat it.  Hard-boiled Golden eggs taste good by themselves, but a little sprinkle of salt never goes amiss.  Or you can chop them up and throw them over a salad for some delicious protein.
  • Mix it into a batch of regular boiled eggs.  Like the old English tradition of hiding a coin in the pudding, whoever gets the golden egg gets good luck for the week.  If it's Easter eggs we're talking about, then the Golden egg can grant good luck for the whole year.  This throws a whole new twist into the Easter egg hunt tradition.
  • Put a raw scrambled egg back in the carton as a harmless prank.  The next time someone goes to make a sunny-side up they'll get a scrambled surprise.
  • Hollow it out.  Traditionally when hollowing out eggs you must break up the yolk with a long needle before it can be blown out.  Golden eggs already have scrambled yolks, so just poke two tiny holes and blow it all out.
Like I said, I usually just eat them.  But I'm sure you creative folks can think of more uses for Golden eggs.  Go nuts!
pauldavey7 months ago

I found this via

http://www.supercompressor.com/home/golden-goose-scramble-your-eggs-while-they-re-still-in-the-shell-kickstarter which mentions this Kickstarter project Golden Goose, though I think an old pair of tights (aka panty hose) would be better than a long sleeved t-shirt

rottndachs2 years ago
My favorite way to hard boil eggs is to use my rice steamer. I have never had a tough peel this way.
Also, when blowing eggs, before making the holes put a piece of wrapping tape where you are going to drill the holes. easier to drill that way and less likely to crack.
Egg-citing Cooking Update!!
Here is a great way to boil an egg without making it tough. Try it on regular eggs and then on "Golden Eggs".
Place several eggs in a sauce pan and cover with cold water an inch over the top of the eggs. Place on high heat and bring to a rolling boil. As soon as the eggs reach a boil, remove them from the heat and set them aside for 10 minutes covered.
After resting ten minutes, rinse the eggs in cold water for a few minutes. Peel, salt, enjoy! This method makes a perfect boiled egg every time! It's a bit egg-centric but it works! - RA
NPNana2 years ago
Thanks for these instructions. I read somewhere that you just shake the egg. I tried that and it didn't work. So I'm going to try your technique -- hopefully this will work for me.
tabi2 years ago
to easily peel them try adding a pinch (or two) of baking soda to the boiling water...
predo2 years ago
I haven't tried it yet but I have a advice to solve your peeling problem. Cook the the fresh "golden egg" than leave it for a day or two It's same with normal hard boiled eggs. They are easier to peel after a while. Hard boiled eggs are fresh and good to eat for several days they don't spoil, they just get easier too peel. ;) I'll try to make some gold eggs as a prank for Easter.
I attempted it...and failed miserably. Not only did I fail to achieve a golden egg, I managed to get the thing to explode as I was hard boiling it. It was somewhat tasty, once I added salt, but the yolk had the texture of rubber. I will try again so that my dream of having scrambled eggs for my lunch at school will finally be realized.
keep at it :)
lparkin4 years ago
I think I"m going to have to make deviled eggs somehow using this. I won't have yolks to whip up, but maybe i can still cut the eggs in half and do a faux-deviled egg.
phettsack4 years ago
How do you cook them?
I tried it but mine often explode and inside comes out.
dannystaple4 years ago
Very cool - but one flaw - perhaps I'd scramble it a bit less, I like to see yellow/white bits in my scrambled egg! This is thoroughly blended. A very cool party trick though. Did you ever see the one with sewing needles and a banana - presliced before it is opened?
please, do explain the banana trick.
I remember it from a magic tricks book when I was a kid, should do a proper 'ible on it, but until then:
Take 1 banana - not overripe - it cant be a squishy one.
Take a clean sewing needle, and some thread. The sewing needle should be long enough to go through and out of a facet of the banan, and quite thin. The thread should be fine, clean and lint free.

Thread the needle.

Starting at some where about a quarter up from the bottom, push the needle through the the side of one of the facets - such that it goes just under the skin of that facet and out, then thread it back through the next facet and so on, until you have created a thread loop around the banan flesh inside the skin - you should then have two ends coming out of the same corner.

Pull the ends tight and through - and the thread will slice through the banana and out - removing the thread completely.

Repeat this up the banana a few times.
When you open the banana - it will now be presliced.

It takes a bit of preparation, and you wouldn't want to leave the pierced banana in a fruit bowl for any length of time, but it makes for a cool party trick.

Having a search (after I wrote all that) - I found a few versions on Instructables - and their method seems a bit simpler (and probably works better):
yes that would be amazing
oilitright4 years ago
As I was reading this the a occurred to me; what would be the effect of putting a raw egg in some sort of ultrasonic device? Like one of those ultrasonic cleaners?
well if that worked at scrambling it, then a sonic screwdriver could potentially make dinner! :-D
Exocetid4 years ago
OK, great idea and I see the nylon as energy saving but problematic. What we need is a "golden egg" maker! I am thinking something like a miniature rock tumbler. Egg needs to be rotated on it's long axis at high speed. Get to work guys.
Seems to me a small (e.g., pint) can with a soft foam cushion inside could be a start. Run a bolt through the middle of the solid end (one nut inside and one outside, with flat washers under each and at least one lock washer), then cut the bolt head off. Now you can hook it to a drill, run the drill wide open and wait for all hell to break lose - or your scrambled egg.

Thanks for the ible ATTILAtheHungrey.
ballen-14 years ago
jujublee4 years ago
love this instructable! i'm definitely trying it!
Teauxni4 years ago
Finally, I have a great grab and go breakfast for my 13 year old daughter!!
She is going to be in heaven when I teach this to her. We will boil Golden eggs every Sunday night for the week ahead and breakfast will no longer be skipped when she is running late! Thank you!
tstjohn14 years ago
Now if you could add salt and pepper in the shell that would get a 5 egg rating!!
What about a sonicator?
gare84214 years ago
Great instructable!
rodbotic4 years ago
I can't wait to try this!
deemon3284 years ago
Some of you might be too young to remember this ad on tv, but the Ronco inside the shell egg scrambler has been around for decades..
Great 'ible! Can't wait to try it.
jarynf4 years ago
i'm thinking i'll just stick an egg on a vortexer and call it a day ;-) go lab equipment!
krazumcc4 years ago
im thinking random orbital sander without the sandpaper attached should make for a quick scramble just by holding the egg to it for few seconds.
Great instructable! Thank you for this.
Marsh4 years ago
Pretty cool!