Introduction: Scrap Crate Hidden Compartment

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"The best place to hide is in plain sight"

I needed somewhere to stash my bread and jelly from any despicable guests wanting to plunder my food cache for the winter.

So I hatched this idea in disparity and worry in fear that every moment I wasted was a moment closer to losing my precious whole grain wheat bread.

I used an old wooden crate and leftover cardboard from a moving project.

Feel free to substitute the cardboard for scrap wood as I scrounged up my materials in haste.

Step 1: Stuff You Need:

Picture of Stuff You Need:

-Cardboard or Scrap Wood
-Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Measurements

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I measured out how much space I would need for my precious goods, so I marked my crate halfway up to allow plenty of room for my much needed treasure as to not be squished.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Supports

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I then took the sturdiest piece of cardboard and measured out the main supports that would hold up the corners of the facade.

Step 4: Securing Corner Supports

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Next I hot glued all 4 supports into their appropriate areas.

Remember that not very much glue is needed, as the structural integrity of the cardboard piece itself will hold all the weight, not the glue. So feel free to substitute anything sticky here if your hot glue turned cold. I'd recommend some gum if you have any, otherwise this could be left unattached but I imagine the cover will fall in on itself when it is moved, thus destroying the precious cargo inside.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Supports (Contd)

Picture of Cutting Out the Supports (Contd)

From here you can now add your final middle support so your cover won't warp out and disclose it's beautiful contents.

I measure out a 4x4 block of cardboard and repeated this step until I reach the necessary height.

Step 6: Securing Middle Support

Picture of Securing Middle Support

Go ahead and attach the middle support to the middle.

Step 7: Fabricating the Cover

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Now's the time to dig up the flat cardboard pieces to disguise your whole grain delight.

If you're using cardboard remember to choose a nice sturdy piece, otherwise add extra support to the cover in an event of a cave-in.

When a cave-in does occur remember cut your losses and destroy any remaining supports to prevent further damage.

If, however, a loaf of Whole Grain Bread was inside said cave, send in 3 teams of 10 expert miners to simultaneously remove said rubble and salvage any or all pieces of said delectable delight. 

Step 8: Fabricating Cover Handle

Picture of Fabricating Cover Handle

Use scrap pieces to add both support and a handle.

But if you're feeling cynical don't add a handle and allow for the cover to be completely flushed with the inside of the crate.
If you do this you will not be able to reach your hidden joy and will be deemed an un-honest liar for the rest of your pitiful life.

Step 9: Hide Away Your Precious Grain and Build the Facade

Picture of Hide Away Your Precious Grain and Build the Facade

Thanks for taking the time and having a look.

I'd appreciate if you'd vote for me in the Secret Compartments & Doors Contest

Have a great day-


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-12-14

Cleverly done!

halo99 (author)Penolopy Bulnick2013-12-16


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