Picture of Scrap Denim Strip Quilt

This is an interesting way to use up old denim clothing and fabric scraps...or bought denim fabric(if you're wanting a nice gift for someone). The denim needs to be at least 4" wide. You don't have to use the pockets, belt loops, etc to tack the quilt down but I think it gives it a one of a kind look. I will warn you now, in the process of making this quilt, you will get lots of denim threads everywhere. Also, after you're finished with this project, please clean your machine as it will create a lot of lint and threads from the fabric. Let's get started.
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Step 1: Supplies:

Picture of Supplies:

Denim scraps and fabric at least 4" wide. From cut up jeans and/or clothing: pockets, tags, belt loops or any interesting things on the items. Ruler. Marking Pen. Scissors. Straight Pins. Sewing machine or Serger. You will need a size 16 or denim needle for this project for your sewing machine.
Lining for backside of quilt: A word about this...You can use an old sheet. I have done that here for contrast. It needs to be a lightweight fabric, as this quilt will get heavier the larger you make it. Also remember, someone will probably wash this quilt at some time. The denim strips will probably bleed/run into the backside. Keep this in mind when you decide what to use. A dark blue lightweight fabric would be perfect. Or, do a quick tie-dye to an old white or blue sheet.
Iron. I can't stress enough how important pressing your sewn pieces are to the finished item look, no matter what you're making. The difference in appearance is a professional look as opposed to an amateurish made quilt. I like to press all pieces in one direction when I can.

Step 2: Hint:

Picture of Hint:

If your sewing machine isn't marked, you can stick tape one-half of an inch from the needle. All seams are one-half inch.
saosport2 years ago
This is what I was looking for. My mom made one similar to this when I was a Baby and it was always in the car growing up. Now that I moved out I wanted to make one for my car. This is great thanks.
amnartist (author)  saosport2 years ago
Great saosport! I'm just now finishing one that was a Christmas present for my daughter-in-law. Didn't know I would be making one for a king sized bed, lol. But it's a little different. Wish I had been taking pics so I could make another Instructable.
joyse3 years ago
Really nice. A great thing about using denim is that no batting or fill is necessary for it to be warn.
ChrysN3 years ago
Looks great, the pockets are a nice touch!
amnartist (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Thank you!