Whilst extremely bored one summer holiday, aged 15, I noticed our scrap bin was overflowing with compressed spring-like tines from my dad's machinery. I set myself a task to make use of them, and here we are; A life-sized sheep!

Oh that sheep looks very crazy, I like it
hey, I don't have any photos of the ongoing process unfortunately, but I am actually making another one as we speak! I'll take photos of this one. As for the story, I will add to it now for you. Thanks for the comments!
<p>Wow, that's awesome! Do you have any photos of the build process?</p>
<p>Very cool! </p><p>Did you just weld it all together? Any tips or info on the process you used to put it all together? It would be great to hear a little more of the "story" behind this great sculpture! :)</p>

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