Scrap Metal Sheep


Introduction: Scrap Metal Sheep

Whilst extremely bored one summer holiday, aged 15, I noticed our scrap bin was overflowing with compressed spring-like tines from my dad's machinery. I set myself a task to make use of them, and here we are; A life-sized sheep!



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    Oh that sheep looks very crazy, I like it

    hey, I don't have any photos of the ongoing process unfortunately, but I am actually making another one as we speak! I'll take photos of this one. As for the story, I will add to it now for you. Thanks for the comments!


    Wow, that's awesome! Do you have any photos of the build process?

    Very cool!

    Did you just weld it all together? Any tips or info on the process you used to put it all together? It would be great to hear a little more of the "story" behind this great sculpture! :)