Step 4: Feet!

The feet here are made with a simple bandsaw trick that allows for angled cuts on all sides.  Of course, lacking a bandsaw, straight feet, recycled steel couch legs, or little bits from the hardware store would work just fine.  Feet are essential, though, as they keep the thing from looking less like a cabinet just set onto the floor and more like a piece of furniture.  

I used pallet-scrap oak.  Lots of pallets are made from hardwood, due to the weight they have to bear.  Once you have a piece de-nailed, run it though a planer and a table saw to square it up as best you can.  Cut four 4"-long blanks.  Then, using a bandsaw, cut two angles on the same face, per picture 6.  You could stop there, or . . . use masking tape or painters tape to put the cut pieces back on, re-assembling your original block.  Rotate it 90 degrees, scribe identical angles onto it, and cut them away.  You end up with a radically angled foot, tapering in all four directions.