Step 4: Feet!

The feet here are made with a simple bandsaw trick that allows for angled cuts on all sides.  Of course, lacking a bandsaw, straight feet, recycled steel couch legs, or little bits from the hardware store would work just fine.  Feet are essential, though, as they keep the thing from looking less like a cabinet just set onto the floor and more like a piece of furniture.  

I used pallet-scrap oak.  Lots of pallets are made from hardwood, due to the weight they have to bear.  Once you have a piece de-nailed, run it though a planer and a table saw to square it up as best you can.  Cut four 4"-long blanks.  Then, using a bandsaw, cut two angles on the same face, per picture 6.  You could stop there, or . . . use masking tape or painters tape to put the cut pieces back on, re-assembling your original block.  Rotate it 90 degrees, scribe identical angles onto it, and cut them away.  You end up with a radically angled foot, tapering in all four directions.  
<p>This would look great in my garage.</p>
Love it!
I love repurposed furniture, and this is a great example of how things like regular boards, and pallet pieces can be made to look really nice. No expensive pieces of wood, or pricey counter tops, but still really looks good.
Anything but scrap. Waht a wonderful aesthetic this has. Great example of repurposing taken to a level of art. Keep them coming.
Oh, I just love this!
I love the way this looks - the blue handles are such a nice touch. :D

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