Step 2: Anchors away!

Picture of Anchors away!
        Now we want to secure these pieces of rope to whatever anchoring device you may have. I strongly suggest a heavy duty carabiner for the task. After you connect the ends lean back on them with all of your weight and be ready to fall. if the rope snaps, the piece wasn´t good enough. Once the ends you constructed in step one are secure, we can start building the cords (long ropes).

        Since this hammock is being built from scrap ropes, I neither A. Have a spool of rope, or B. a piece of rope as long as my body. That being said, we want to select the longest and strongest pieces of the bunch for our cords. Once we have a decent selection of longer pieces of rope, on one end we want to attach the piece of rope to one of the end pieces (photo 1) using another bowline. The easiest way to do this is to loop the rope and then pass the free end of the rope through the large loop of your end piece (photo 3). Complete the bowline and pull tight.  If your rope looks like the one in photo 5, you are well on your way to a new hammock and liberation from the ground.