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Introduction: Scrap Wood Cutting Board

If you work in a wood shop then you probably have a bunch of scrap lying around from a bunch of different kinds of woods. My dad and I made a bunch of these cutting boards from all the scrap we had lying around and didn't have to cut into one new piece of lumber.

These boards are made from (left to right): cherry, paduk, walnut, curly maple, purple heart, maple, cherry, walnut, curly maple and then more cherry.

You can actually make some pretty awesome things from all that scrap you have lying around...check out Scrapile, a furniture company that I have long admired.

If you really want to go the extra mile, burn a silhouette of Elvis into the back of one and give it as a gift.



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I have an abondance of beautiful scrap wood i would like to sell to someone who could use it. Wood pieces from maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, birdseye maple, honduran, rosewood, walnut, and many others. size varies from 1"x1"x12" to 1 1/4"x3"x96" and different sizes in between. If interested please contact me at 770-775-6900

do you still carry the wood scraps? I am located in Douglasville

This is beautiful and inspiring but almost completely lacking in any kind of useful instructions. Please assume that the audience knows absolutely nothing about wood working if you want this to be useful.

This was posted in the slideshow portion of the site - which is specifically designated for projects that you'd like to share with others, but don't necessarily want to write out full instructions and step by step photos for. That being said, I totally understand your comment and agree with you. I didn't really include any information that would help someone make one of these. If you are interested in how it's made however, I'd be happy to explain some of the steps.

Hey if you still have the stuff too make these i'd be interested in purchasing one due to not having all the nessicary tools to build it you can email me at - thanks!

Ah, gotcha. Didn't even know there was a portion of the site like that. It looks like you answered some of my curiosity below but I sure wouldn't mind seeing more detailed instructions.... for example, do you just clamp these together one by one until the whole thing is done?

This is so pretty, and it's really sad that no description is given on how it's made. It's probably really simple to you, so you figure it needs no instructions, but if that's so, give us even just a few lines! I'm guessing: You glue a bunch of wood together, hold it in a vise for a while, and then just sand it all down? An instructible, even a two-page one, would be wonderful, thanks!

Hi Asbestos,

to build this you need a set of sash clamps and some glue. Glue the sides of all the pieces of wood together and clamp them in the sash clamps until they are dry. Then sand them and apply a sealer preferably a low VOC if you are going to chop food on it.

If you are going to use it as a chopping board it would be better to rotate all the pieces through 90 deg so that the surface you end up with is all end grain.