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Sage turns 11 this year and is getting to old for the leap onto the bed. She needed stairs and I had scrap wood...

I am not a professional carpenter and I do not take any responsibility for anything bad happening as a result of you building this.

Step 1: Supplies

I had 2 - 2x6x8 boards and some scrap/ broken pallet. I found some finish nails and some drywall screws.

Step 2: 2x6s

My bed is 2ft high. So the first length to cut is 24", then 18", then 12" & finally 6".

Step 3: Again

Cut the second 2 x 6

Step 4: Width

Depends on the dog. Sages legs span 10" so I made mine 14" wide. Use some scrap to see what looks good for you.

Step 5: Side Braces

Flush with base of each step. Holds base boards together and makes steps stronger.

Step 6: Steps

Steps are 1 x 6 x 14. Step- faces are 1 x 6 x 14 also; except for the top where the step face is 6.75"

Step 7: Put It Together

Attach steps and step faces to base with finish nails.

Step 8: Sand

Sanding scrap wood is magical!

Step 9: Conclusion

You will still need to sand and trim and then finish. Cool note: the stairs are reversible; one way they are a little longer if your dog needs more help and the other way the side braces can hold up shelves inside the stairs creating a storage solution as well! Thanks for checking it out:)

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Thank you SO much for the step-by-step photos!! I’ve been wanting to build a 5-step doggie staircase, but didn’t know where to start...It all came together when I saw your photo of the sides boards - 10 pieces total, cut to measure (5 for each side) and perfectly aligned to show the step increments to reach 2ft with 5 steps. Honestly, your instructable will likely save me 3+ hours of painful trial & error... Now I’m actually excited to complete this project today! (photos to follow :)

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*Correction* This example is for 4 steps w/ 8 sideboards total. Sorry for any confusion... I was jumping ahead to my own plan to build 5 shorter steps for my tiny pocket dog, Turk. I may even need 6 steps for him to reach the top of our mattress... I just measured 29in. total height; including the bed frame and that 4-inch tempurpedic. WORTH IT.

Here’s some photos of the finished steps! Turk was hesitant at first, but he’s running up like a pro now! I did add some shag “carpet” so it’s not as slippery. That was actually the easiest part... I found an extra 5/8 rug around the house, cut the pieces to size, and used finishing nails to secure in place. I’m hoping to make one final modification this weekend .... motion sensored LED lights so I don’t need to use my phone flashlight every time the old man comes to bed ;)


Pretty much impressive techniques that you have mention and cheap also. I desperately need of such kind of easy way and i am happy that you have detailed it. Somehow a few confusion are still in my mind but you have tell clear enough to work on it. I will wait for your next article.
Thank you!

You won't believe but today i had order a stair but now i am going o cancel it.
Thanks guys!

Awesome!!! I have been looking for a plan for a while now!

Thank You

Ok Been looking to buy stairs for mY my Bed as i havé Oné Old Dog And Oné small One. No luck here in Switzerland so happy to find you.. I will try my very best at making my own and let you know how I go.. Wish me luck.. If it goes well gonna make one for my balcony so my dog can use the garden.. thanks for sharing

these steps are fab...well done, I love them for my doggy

Luk, my bed is 2 ft high and sage only stands about 10 in of the ground... She can make the jump it's just not good for her...

wow, I feel so stupid, I have be trying to figure out how to build dog steps without a stringer for a couple of weeks. I really like these and I will get to building them very very soon. thank you

To leap into bed?! How high is your bed! Lol