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Sage turns 11 this year and is getting to old for the leap onto the bed. She needed stairs and I had scrap wood...

I am not a professional carpenter and I do not take any responsibility for anything bad happening as a result of you building this.

Step 1: Supplies

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I had 2 - 2x6x8 boards and some scrap/ broken pallet. I found some finish nails and some drywall screws.

Step 2: 2x6s

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My bed is 2ft high. So the first length to cut is 24", then 18", then 12" & finally 6".

Step 3: Again

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Cut the second 2 x 6

Step 4: Width

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Depends on the dog. Sages legs span 10" so I made mine 14" wide. Use some scrap to see what looks good for you.

Step 5: Side Braces

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Flush with base of each step. Holds base boards together and makes steps stronger.

Step 6: Steps

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Steps are 1 x 6 x 14. Step- faces are 1 x 6 x 14 also; except for the top where the step face is 6.75"

Step 7: Put It Together

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Attach steps and step faces to base with finish nails.

Step 8: Sand

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Sanding scrap wood is magical!

Step 9: Conclusion

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You will still need to sand and trim and then finish. Cool note: the stairs are reversible; one way they are a little longer if your dog needs more help and the other way the side braces can hold up shelves inside the stairs creating a storage solution as well! Thanks for checking it out:)


chronocide67 made it! (author)2017-12-11

I liked your idea and used it to make steps for my loft bed, actually bed is on the bottom desk on top, I used pocket holes for the 2X8 sides and plywood with 1 1/2 "by 1 1/2" support. I may have made the rise to high for most but I am over 6' so its not a propbnlem

MackenzyA made it! (author)2017-06-25

My dachshund just turned 10 and he's been starting to have trouble jumping onto my bed. I've been looking for a simple design that I could use all my scrap wood for and this was great! I didn't follow instructions completely, as you can see I only did three steps since my bed is not quite 2ft and I used a kregg tool to fasten the side boards together. Great design to follow though! :)

emilymorgan (author)2017-02-28

Pretty much impressive techniques that you have mention and cheap also. I desperately need of such kind of easy way and i am happy that you have detailed it. Somehow a few confusion are still in my mind but you have tell clear enough to work on it. I will wait for your next article.
Thank you!

ashleyove (author)2017-02-23

You won't believe but today i had order a stair but now i am going o cancel it.
Thanks guys!

Chip757 (author)2016-05-24

Awesome!!! I have been looking for a plan for a while now!

Thank You

CezanneB (author)2016-03-13

Ok Been looking to buy stairs for mY my Bed as i havé Oné Old Dog And Oné small One. No luck here in Switzerland so happy to find you.. I will try my very best at making my own and let you know how I go.. Wish me luck.. If it goes well gonna make one for my balcony so my dog can use the garden.. thanks for sharing

dbenedetto made it! (author)2015-11-29

I used your design for steps into my attic. Much easier than stringers.

Mr Kno It All (author)2015-10-25

Thanks! Glad you liked it...

amwill (author)2015-10-25

these steps are fab...well done, I love them for my doggy

Mr Kno It All (author)2015-10-07

Luk, my bed is 2 ft high and sage only stands about 10 in of the ground... She can make the jump it's just not good for her...

Mr Kno It All (author)2015-10-07

You're welcome jurnee...

jurneemoon (author)2015-10-07

wow, I feel so stupid, I have be trying to figure out how to build dog steps without a stringer for a couple of weeks. I really like these and I will get to building them very very soon. thank you

Łukasz (author)2015-10-07

To leap into bed?! How high is your bed! Lol

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