This is a lamp that you can do with all the scrap wood left over from all your old projects....you can make it as tall as you want with no problem :-)
By the way...get ready for a load of photographs.....certain things are best explained by pictures!

Step 1: Materials

Wood preservative
wood stain ( oil or water based)
clear polythene varnish
aluminum sheet
nails and screwdriver (or drill and screwdriver)-for tin punching
bulb holder
insulated wire
on/off switch
1/4" square dowels
wood glue
miter clamps
barbecue skewers
drill bit with 1/8" bit ( the size of the barbecue sticks)
<p>simply i loved it.. wow</p>
<p>Thanks :-)</p>
wow wow!!! um in love with this one.. like it sooo much...
<p>Thanks :-)</p>
Thanks :-D
wow...this is really pretty....good job...
wow........... very nice..... <br>
This is awesome.How many days or hours did you spend on this?
I cant say exactly as i did it when ever i had a free moment...some times that free moment was at 1 am. :-D
This is really beautiful.What a lot of work in it.Really time consuming work.
Actually the staining and sanding took most of the time. The tin punching was much quicker as i stacked all 4 panels together and drilled with a rotary tool. only the straight lines take a bit of time so i did less of those :-). Thanks for the comment <br>
wow...love it :-)

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