Hello everyone. Here is an instructable on how to make a light weight cutting board instead of a big heavy chopping block. This is really easy to make and the most expensive machinery is a table saw. Thickness planers are expensive, so here i'm going to show how to do it with out one. Hope you like it, Enjoy!

Step 1: Tools and Material List

1. Table Saw (Circular saw will work too)

2. Router w/ Roundover + Bearing Bit (Optional)

3. Sander

4. Sandpaper (60,150,320 Grits)

5. Hole Saw (Optional)

6. Clamps (Long enough to fit the width of the board)

7. Drill Press (Optional, regular drill will work too)

8. Hand Plane

9. Square

10. Pencil

11. Cloth

12. Paper towels

13. Butcher Block Conditioner (I Bought it at Home Depot)

14. Scrap Wood (I used leftover wood from Heat Treated Pallets)

<p>Nothing like finding a good use for scrap wood. Great job</p>
<p>best part it's free.99 ha!</p>
very nice. great job!
<p>Thank you glad you liked it.</p>

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