Step 4: Putting it togheter

Picture of Putting it togheter
Ok, now you're starting to understand that I'm quite cheap so buying 100$ clamps was pretty much out of the question.

The beauty of this project is that you don't need clamps!!

You'll need to do a lot of measuring at this point. I'll refer you to the first picture with all the planks laying down face down. This part was fun because it's kind of like playing tetris, you chose which pieces fit best next to which other and try to make it look as much as a rectangle as possible.

N.B. !!!!! crucial step here compared to "table 1"

As you see in the picture below, the way I setup the legs is a bit different than table 1. While they included the legs in the table, I decided to keep two 2/6 boards of the same lenght intact and put them appart at an equal distance. I planned on attaching the legs to those beams.

Once the you're satisfied with the shape draw a line at each end where the table would end. Obviously try to make the lenght between the end of the support beams and the edge of the table about the same (I think I have 8 or 12 inches on each side).

Once everything fits togheter and your shape is done, find the center of the table and mark it. Basically what we're going to do is pass rods throughout the table in 3 different places. from the center hole, place 2 other marks at an equal distance from the center on each side.

I was lucky enough to have a 9 foot board in the original pile, the two halves from this board are going to make up the sides of the table, this will insure a seamless sidewall on each side.

Back to the holes. Once your 3 holes have been pierced from the first piece use it to drill the hole in the next set of boards. Once the new set has been drilled you can pass the threaded rods through the first piece.

Make sure to put a washer and nut on one end of the threaded rod so that it stays in place ;) I cut carved a circle in the side panels the size of the washer so that once done the bold doesn't stick out (see pictures in step 6.)

This is kind of like playing lego... just drill and assemble... After a while your table will take shape.

Back to what I said at the begining regarding clamps :

The beauty of this concept is that the rods and nuts will work as clamps for you!!

Once the table is put togheter, take it appart again! yes take it appart!

The reason why I say this is that the next step is to glue the boards togheter. start the process again but this time put glue on each piece before sliding it down the rods. You can do this by putting glue in a small container and using a paint brush, a little goes a long way here... don't abuse glue here, it will do it's job.

once you've got your glued table back togheter it's time to take out a wrench or ratchet (oh god I wish I had a ratchet for this step...)

simply thighten the bolts as hard as you can to squeeze all the boards togheter. Let it dry.