Picture of Get Big Money for Scrap Batteries
I just got paid $300 cash for two dozen old lead-acid batteries. Here's how.

A lot of readers are asking: Where do I get dead batteries?:
I mostly got these batteries by seeing and asking for them. New cars wreck batteries pretty quick because the car computer never really turns off. So if the car isn't driven regularly it'll over-discharge and sulfate the battery.
I tell my friends to give me their toxic waste and I'll get rid of it, cuz I hate seeing buckets of drain oil left out in the rain. They give me their dead batteries also.
I picked up a few behind service stations and parts stores where people had orphaned them. A few came from my marina next to the dumpster, more came from the marine supply store. I told them I was experimenting with desulfating batteries and they told me to help myself to their scrap pile. Some came back to life from various magic treatments and I gave them to friends or built them into projects.

Those projects included as welders and power storage for solar welders, running power tools off them, as well as starting and lighting batteries for the Free Yacht.

I finally got around to taking the bad ones to the scrapyard and damn!
Here's what the robo-cashier at the scrapyard gave me for my load of toxic waste!
Batteries are worth real money now, if you can find the right buyer.
ScottS4421 days ago

Dear Sir,

We are a third party freight company in Tampa Florida and
have been in business since 2000, and would like to offer my business to
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RashedK18 days ago
AtomicGeeks19 days ago

I have 50 to 100 old laptop batteries If anyone is interested.


ScottS4421 days ago

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l3prac0n1 year ago

I have a few pounds of AA and AAA batteries, I live in Elk Grove, CA. Here it's illegal to throw batteries in the trash or recycle bin, so I tried to find a place that will take batteries but they all charge. Is there anyone that will buy them please?

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Hi Kevin,

we are looking for someone to send our car and truck batteries to, we ship 25 ton in a 40 feet container, all batteries are empty and drained of acid.

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RajeedK tradecam2 months ago
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RashedK tradecam2 months ago
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We are a Seller and supply OCC Paper Scrap with the following specifications, terms & conditions. Sales & purchases .

Item specifics

Place of Origin: London United Kingdom

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Auto & Truck Scrap Batteries

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We are active in sales: Auto and truck battery, Drained Lead Battery Scrap (As per ISRI Code” RAINS"),and we ship globally. We have presently huge quantity of Drained Dry Lead-Acid Batteries (RAINS) at our yard.

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*Not black batteries with ebonite material*

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doperr3 months ago

I live in in croatia, I have lots of used (scraped) batteries for cell phone's all brands, samsung, HTC, sony , and If u need I have lots of scrap motherboards from cell phone's

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edmundk4 months ago

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abdul jabar4 months ago

sir, I have 30ton of scrap drain battery for export. I need a serious buyer. Contact me micsteelum38@yahoo.com

what is the price per ton. and what type of battery is?

MVPofVIP5 months ago

I own a salvage yard in Indianapolis and we get in hundreds of car batteries weekly. Looking for pricing for a core buyer. Indyrecycling@yahoo.com

CWholesales5 months ago

We carry Over 2k pounds of Lithium Ion cellphone batteries willing to sell by pound if anybody can use please email me best offer ready to ship in FL


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I have assorted watch batteries, all sizes, maybe hundred and fifty or more pounds of them,, anyone help me sell them

Destinyjaeee 10 months ago
I just bought a new battery for my audi a4 that Im giving to the junk yard so I want to sell the battery since it's brand new but auto zone won't buy it since it's been in the car. So I want to know where I can take it to and how much I'll get

i have over 500 old cellphone batteries. if anyone is interested in the purchase, please contact me toyz523@gmail.com.

swander1 year ago

took 5 to a used battery store and they gave me $40 for the lot. $15 credit per battery on a trade in and $8 for a core that wasn't shorted. Dont know what a shorted battery gets you but I dont understand why it makes a differrence when they gut it and replate it anyway.

We have a battery recycling shop in Mobile Alabama, Pensacola and sorrounding areas. Our business name is The Battery Shop Recycling, you can find us on Facebook as cash for junk batteries. We pay top prices for your junk auto battery and we also pick it up from you. Be part of the solution, help us save our enviroment.
im from Indonesia.
and we have lots of dead batteries here....for about two dump trucks...
how can i send it to you??
mg2407 rkusumo1 year ago

Please send me details at manish@palco.co.in

Hi we are from USA we are very interested in buying your batteries but don't really know how much it cost to send it to here, is it possible for you to find the shipping information to pensacola florida o mobile Alabama? Thank you very much
i've found the shipping information now...
its about $700/container to USA.

so is that possible to you paid the shipping's cost??

u can email me at sephiroth_soul@yahoo.com

am waiting for ur reply.
hi rksumo,

i'm interested in buying the batteries from you.....send me photographs, if you can...vishalnathwani@hotmail.com...
you can get back to yours through our company email address: camtrade@live.com for more inquiries
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jdollar8433 years ago
I am a golf cart dealer in myrtle beach sc and have around 4000 lbs of batteries looking to sell the whole lot to one buyer please email me at jdollar843@yahoo.com

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call me at 919-464-1968 I am interested in buying your batteriers

kfouty1 year ago
I was wondering is there any place in or around Franklin, IN or even Indianapolis, IN that will buy AA batteries cause I have a ton that I need to get rid of.
sherwil2 years ago
hi sir stepno ihave a hundreds of junk batterys here in the philippines iwill send to the photos of my garage that full of batterys later becouse its already 4 a.m here in the philippines...this is my email add...sherwilr@yahoo.com.ph.
stepano2 years ago
we are looking for the scrap batteries, if you have please send me the photos to k1yt@korea.com thank you
aurenda2 years ago
i have to batteries for sale call me make me an offer not sure of the size but its just a bit longer then a reguarl batterie ill give u more information when the phone rings my name is andrew u can call me at 714 391 2454
robotman92 years ago
do AA work?
danmoore3 years ago
Our company, Service Battery Inc. pays the most money in the industry for used batteries. We have been in business for over 40 years because we are fair and not greedy. We have never taken advantage of anyone or any opportunity. If you want to sell your batteries to us and put the correct amount of cash in your pocket, e-mail me at dan@batterychicago.com . Thank you for your time and consideration.
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mikeys3 years ago
I also buy batteries in any qty. mike@mssiowa.com
Do any places buy alkaline "AA " batteries? Because I have several pounds and dont want to just throw them away.
cagdastr3 years ago

I am looking to purchase drained lead acid battery scrap. I need 1000 m/t per month. Please contact me if interested with best price so we discuss further details.
you can get back to yours through our company email address: camtrade@live.com for more inquiries
does anyone recycle rechargeable batteries that don't have lead in them? like you use on drills?
We have all kinds of batteries that do not have lead on them

you can get back to yours through our company email address: camtrade@live.com for more inquiries

We have a battery recycling shop in Mobile Alabama, Pensacola and sorrounding areas. Our business name is The Battery Shop Recycling, you can find us on Facebook as cash for junk batteries or www.thebatteryshoprecycling.com. We pay top prices for your junk auto battery and we also pick it up from you. Be part of the solution, help us save our enviroment.

We are also currently buying catalytic convertors, air compresors, aluminum wheels, starters, radiators, alternators and BATTERIES...
Post Card.png
Koffitrade3 years ago
Dear buyers, we are major exporters of ACID DRAINED BATTERY SCRAP to any serious buyer on a long term supply contract base. contact us on koffimensahscrap@gmail.com for the full details.
Looking up to building a lasting business cooperation with you.
We have a battery recycling shop in Mobile Alabama, Pensacola and sorrounding areas. Our business name is The Battery Shop Recycling, you can find us on Facebook as cash for junk batteries or www.thebatteryshoprecycling.com. We pay top prices for your junk auto battery and we also pick it up from you. Be part of the solution, help us save our enviroment.

We are also currently buying catalytic convertors, air compresors, aluminum wheels, starters, radiators, alternators and BATTERIES...
Cash for Junk batteries AD.jpg
We are currently paying $8 per car battery that is currently more than 20 cent a pound and we pay more for bigger batteries in Mobile Al. We also sell used batteries for $25 w/core. 60 day warranty. Please call us at 251.287.5564 or check our web page www.thebatteryshoprecycling.com
Cash for Junk batteries AD.jpgPost Card.pngTHE BATTERY SHOP RECYCLING.jpg
Vinsu4 years ago
Collecting scrap metals can be very profitable. I' ve been helping one guy couple of times when salvaging "valuables" from various places using a large pickuptruck. He had a buyer for everything we had gathered. He advertised on local newspaper about his collecting services: people called him whenever in need of removing some old iron farm equipment (plows, tractors etc.) from their land or when those three dead cars on side of the field just weren't a joyfull sight anymore. I don't know how much he got from it but once he almost started drooling when we were lifting an old wood burning stove, that was made entirely of iron and weight about 1000kg, on his truck. There was also bundles of aluminium and copper on many demolition sites we visited. The guy payed me 20€ per hour when in need of a muscular young man for a sweaty job, no funny thoughts there:P
That's a shocker.... lol, literally spewing out bills into your face. 2 dozen batteries you say? 24 batts. multiplied by the poundage of each = how much lead is in there, actually less because of the acid etc. It's just a rough approximation.
Erik20114 years ago
I recently sold my dead watch batteries to watchbatterybuyers.com and they paid me 50 dollars a pound and paid for shipping. i told another member on this site how i sold used watch batteries. i was surprised of how much www.watchbatterybuyers.com paid and how fast the turnaround was. they also took some AA batteries i had that i didnt want to toss in the garbage.
jimbo3336 years ago
old catalatic converters is where the real money is, you can sometimes get 300 a piece if your lucky, this is cuz they have precious metals inside.
I know that in the US (at least in my state), it's illegal to sell used catalytic converters to anyone but a certified recycling center. And there aren't many (probably 1 or 2 close enough to justify the gas cost).
Oh, and those certified recycling centers don't pay more than $100 US per catalytic converter. And aluminum cans aren't worth much here either. I got 5 dollars for around 150 or 200 pounds worth of aluminum cans. I collected those cans for nearly 5 years hoping for a big payout. I spent more in gas just hauling those cans to the recycling center.
EDIT: it was around 100 pounds or so, it's been a while and the details are a little fuzzy.
I got 55 cents per pound of beverage cans (uncrushed though, because that's the way my buyer likes them)

I've got a bin right next to the recycle bin here at home and then I bag them up and toss them in the attic. After 2 years I had 27 pounds which I cashed in for $14.35 bucks.

You'll never get rich this way but it's some nice folding money. I combined this load with some other scrap and did the whole run with less than 2 miles of a detour from another errand, so the I never put much labor into the job. I grossed $44 for the detour of about an hour. I don't feel I did much more than the effort involved with just giving the scrap to the county for free.

I do let the county pick up my glass, tin, newspaper and plastic though. So I'll scrap, but I won't "scrap stupid"

The very best thing to do is to watch those scrap prices. Find a site close to you that publishes prices on the web. If you can't find that, then call around to some scrappers and compare the price to Kitco Basemetals. You'll never get the spot price, but you'll be able to watch the price and only bother to haul scrap when demand makes prices high enough.
Does anyone know where to recycle batteries in the San Francisco Bay Area?
I was able to sell my silver oxide batteries to watchbatterybuyers.com , they paid me 50 dollars a pound for used silver oxide watch batteries and paid for shipping. i googled watch battery buyers and found them and would recommend them.
May 11

Kitco spot for Al ~ $0.91/lb

Irony Al tran. $0.17

Clean Al rads $0.50

Irony Al rads $0.30 (had plastic side tanks)

Kitco spot for Pb is also  ~ $0.91/lb

auto/truck size lead acid batteries are still $8 per each
Dec 20, 2010

Kitco spot for Al: $1.05

30 lbs of soft drink cans and cat food cans @ $.52/lb = $15.60

Blew the entire windfall at the auto boneyard that's 1/2 mile down the road.
Aug 17 440 pounds of wheel rims and misc heavy steel auto parts. $22 total. Good thing the distance is only 10 miles round trip. I solved someone else's problem, made a minor trip in my car, and got a brass auto radiator and some other cast iron for later.
I hate to break it to you guy, but it sounds like the scrap yard payed you the iron price for those aluminum cans. What was the price? if it was in the middle of the recession then I can understand, because prices hit the floor. Otherwise, you were totally had.
I think the precious metal your talking about is platinum, and yeah there worth a lot, I would know beacuse I just got mine fixed.
jolshefsky5 years ago
Can you edit the last step in your Instructible and include the number of pounds and the actual price you got? 
hardly anyone publishes prices. Many places won't even quote over the phone. Here's one place I consult, (but not sell to, too far away)


(these are great prices, too bad it's not worth the hour drive to get there for me. This is also one of the few places that don't take batteries)

Here's Kitco for spot metal quotes:

TimAnderson (author)  jolshefsky5 years ago
Unfortunately I don't have the reciepts handy anymore, I got as high as $.15/lb in the boom, then it dropped to half of that in the crash. I haven't scrapped since then, but I expect it to have risen again. It matters a lot what scrap yard you go to. CASS in oakland cleans and melts them to ingots and pays top dollar. Or used to anyway.
TimmyMiller4 years ago
I live in Texas, so where do I go ?
jolshefsky5 years ago
Re: "There's been a big problem in the city with "copper miners" stealing metal wires, pipes, etc. to recycle for money, so there's a law requiring this form." I have heard this is true, and I have heard stories of all types. But I searched the Internet news archives on Google and could find zero stories that covered theft of copper from a constructed building. There were a handful of stories (and I'm sure much more prevalence) of people stealing from construction sites. I realize it's a bit off-topic, but I'm actively curious about it. I was stopped by a cop while I was riding my 9-tone scrapper bike with toolbox trunk and homemade trailer, and he said that people with tool are suspected of stealing copper pipe from buildings. [Rant omitted.] I have heard this tale from many sources. Never, however, have I encountered real evidence, a news story, or proof of a legal conviction. I chalk it up to urban legend. And a rather peculiar one at that.
Yes it happens! Our AC was stolen out of our back yard, the day care two buildings down AC was stolen, one of the churches at the end of the lane AC was stolen. They now have all of there AC's bolted to the ground and/or locked up. When the cops came to fill out the report they weren't surprised at all we were told "It happens a lot, they want the copper. Bolt your next one down." Not sure where you are but we live in AL, scrapping is pretty big down here you can't drive down the road without seeing a pickup loaded down with scrap metal. The tool thing though that is a bit out there I would've been pissed about being stopped too.
In texas the copper theft was bad, a church down the street from me had all the copper there stripped. but the price for copper has gone down and i guess it stoped now.
Having a tool box is not probable cause to allow a police officer to pull you over.

Never consent to a search.
TimAnderson (author)  jolshefsky5 years ago
It actually happens a lot here in the bay area. Multiple times people have stolen extension cords, wires and wiring from a friend's shop. He's confronted the people doing it on a couple of occasions. Here on the old Alameda Point navy base I see where they've peeled copper roofing off one of the buildings, and many of the electrical panels have cut wires. I've found garbage bags full of cut wires and other scrap hidden in out of the way places. When I go to the scrap yard I see what the scavengers bring in in their shopping carts. Some of it looks like it was stripped out of buildings, and doesn't have chunks of new material like you would expect to see from remodeling waste. So it does happen out here. In other places the cops may be using it as an excuse to stop people and look them up on the list of names.
mrelement5 years ago
does this still work?
twitchy9095 years ago
thanks buddy, i was homeless, i had nothing but now im rich and own a recylcing center for batteries thanks
ti1127 years ago
Does anyone know where to do this in London, England/UK?
Phone book, dead tree version as a fallback.

I don't know the British newspeak (1) for the type of place is called, but look for

metal Non-Ferrous Scrap salvage recycling

as keywords in the index.

(1) "boot" for trunk, "tyres" for tiers, etc
brx0177 years ago
If you're like me and the nearest scrap yard is 30 miles away, just go to WAL-MART. As long as your local store sells batteries, just take it to the return desk and tell them its your "CORE" (They add a core charge to their battey prices). I took one about a month ago and got $9.00 or $9.50 USD. I think they paid me with a gift card last time, though. I dont know, but auto parts stores may do the same (AutoZone, Advance, O'Reilly's, etc.)... but you're more likely to get away with selling a core and not buying a battery at Wal-Mart.
I've bought batteries at wall-mart three times in the past 10 years. I always bring in a really dead one to turn in on the same trip.

Anyway, every single time I go it seems to take two or three levels of sales droids to get the transaction right. They ring it up, it says "$10 core charge", and I point to the core right in the shopping cart. They say OK and call a manager. If we're lucky, it does not also take a third, super-duper manager to close out the transaction. Then they seem to have no idea what to do with the old battery I just "sold" them. I end up leaving it in the cart near customer "service": most times

This is almost as much fun as buying ammo that fits both a pistol and a rifle. :-)

Which means that I don't really think they should have given you the "core" price without a receipt for a bought battery. But whatever works.

Shinta7866 years ago
A, lucky americans! You get paid for trash? NICE We gotta pay for it if we want to get rid of it..... :-( Life really sucks here GO USA
we do get payed for trash. i turn in my bottles for cash.
you are lucky. don't come to europe! It sucks here
No, you have it all wrong. It many other countries, they EXPECT you to recycle. Here, the only way to get the masses to do it is to offer them money! Not as many would do it otherwise. Sad but true.
Lol so true
Whether you pay or get paid in America depends on who does the recycling. Our plastic recycle bin costs us $4 US a month to rent and a small recycling fee (not sure what it is cause I haven't read the bill in a few months).
I recommend anyone interested in recycyling watch Penn & Teller's show on the topic.  The reason you can get paid to recycle copper, aluminum, lead, (metals), is because they are the only material where it costs MORE to manufacture (mining) new product vs. recycling old product.  Paper use isn't killing our forests, they have "paper farms" that plant trees that actually increase the number of trees grown to supply for the paper industry.  And, as for plastics, it was calculated that a single landfill 26 miles square could hold all the trash we generate for 100+ years.  Guess it's all a matter of perspective, one thing I don't like is the islands of trash floating in the oceans, but that is more a POLLUTION problem than a RECYCLING problem.
What? Europe isn't that bad. It's just different.

I'm from Belgium (like you) but I visited the US many times (7 different states). It's a great country but good food is way overpriced there. I would come back here if only for the bread, the beer and the chocolate... okay and maybe health insurance too  :)

But when you go you'll want to buy lots of clothes (don't go shopping before the holiday, just travel there with nearly empty suitcases). The US subsidises their clothing industry and as a result, clothing is dirt cheap there. Expect to pay half of what you pay here.

Bringing batteries over by plane is a bit too expensive to be profitable though ;) 
my_key, thank you for the mostly decent comments on the USA. However a few minor corrections.....we don't subsidize our clothing industry....unless you consider the quota system which most countries adhere to. We just don't manufacture much clothing in the USA . Most of it comes from 3rd world countries like China, Bangladesh, India, Laos, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Haiti, The Dominican Republic. High fashion lines and names are leased to makers in those countries where labor is so cheap.  I've found the food here in the US is cheaper  at 'normal' restaurants than in the EU. Unless you visit the 'big name chefs's restaurants in Las Vegas, Chicago or New York. Those are very expensive ..... none however can match the prices of a simple lunch at Paul Bocuse in France.   And HEALTH CARE ????  Well we're all waiting for our President's 'free health care for all' to kick in.  No politician who voted for it has read this 1600 page law.  Most people here are very happy with their private health care here. They don't see a need for change.....although it can be very expensive if something catastrophic occurs.  Our government was not established to be in business and shouldn't try. Our Postal Service is a prime example.  Had it not been for innovations from FEDEX and UPS, the US Postal Service would still be in the Dark Ages.  Most of us see His new health care package as a play to buy votes from the poor--who pay no taxes--and still have health care-- and for persons here illegally---who will soon become US Citizens when the Government's AMNESTY PROGRAM is implemented.   I realize that this has really nothing to do with RECYCLING....but I just wanted to point out some issues with your post. Thanks for being a fan of the USA.
Sorry, my bad. The USA subsidizes their cotton industry, which obviously isn't the same as the clothing industry.  As to those quota, I am not aware of any but I am sure those are not the quantitative restrictions in the sense of article XI of the GATT, are they?

I am a fan of the USA (another e.g.: you guys have great steak, mostly due to the administration of certain growth hormones that aren't (yet) allowed in the EU), notwithstanding the many difficulties it has. But which country hasn't? Nevertheless, I am also a big fan of Belgium, my home country. My comments were only aimed at cheering a fellow Belgian up, it wasn't really meant as a political statement, nor as a scientific statement of fact. She was obviously very down because you can't get cash for scrap batteries in Belgium, which I agree is a big disappointment, but in the end not so bad if you look at the big picture ;)
roryo Shinta7866 years ago
Hi Shinta Just am curious where you are from? I am from Canada
Shinta786 roryo6 years ago
Hi Roryo, canada is a GREAT country, love it too. I am from belgium. Pleased to meet u
roryo Shinta7866 years ago
Hey Shinta, Nice to meet you too! Belgium, thats where my mom is from and she is actually leaving this Thursday to visit the little hamlet where she was born! Not sure of the name of the place though!
Billdo225 years ago
I did almost this exact same thing, once last summer out local farm supply store was offering 5 dollars of in store credit for every car battery you brought in. i brought in 40 dollars worth of in 1 afternoon, i went door to door asking for batteries.
Kishzilla7 years ago
Im just curious as to how you were able to manage $300 from your batteries. I recently took about 500+ lbs of wet lead acid batteries to the local recycle yard and received $.05 a lb. your truck appeared to have about 1000 lbs and I doubt you got $.30 a pound. Just curious as to how much it weighed in at, what rate it was, and if they were drained or un-drained. ATM mistake in your favor maybe?
TimAnderson (author)  Kishzilla7 years ago
I called around til I got a good rate. The price was high that week, about 20 cents/lb. A few weeks later I took some in and it was only fifteen cents/lb. my batteries weren't drained. there wasn't any mistake, these guys do this all day and there's one guy just to check the other guy's work. They turn them into lead ingots, so there's plenty of profit in it for them. They pay more than the other local yards.
$8 per car type battery and $.25 per pound for the UPS gel cells I brought in at 24Apr2010

Scrap beverage cans $0.55 but sort out your extruded because that pays better

auto rads (irony copper) $1.25  (had only one, $8.75 total)

looks like I'm getting roughly about a quarter of the kitco spot price

6 cents for cast iron (brake rotors and exhaust manifolds, you get a better price for cast because its generally purer, which helps them dilute down the impurities in other scrap, I think)

Someone who knows what they are doing ought to write an instructable about sorting scrap. for maximum profit.

Where I Live They Dont Charge To Dispose Of Dead Batteries. They Pay You. Only 5$...
how would they know you didnt pop open the battery and dump something that weighs a ton inside?
ya like sand..
I dont know what you could possibly put inside of a lead acid battery that would be heavier and cheaper than lead already is to get more money for it....
well, after i made that comment, i thought, wait, he had to sign a form and everything, they know where he lives.
Well that's really cool. I think the local recycling yard might be taking advantage of a limited amount of competition in the area. Everywhere else I called (all of 2 places that accepted anything other than cans and bottles) wouldn't even take the batteries. One place said they would only charge me $5 a battery to take them. ha ha.
Here in the Kansas City area, they only pay a maximum of 25 cents a pound for lead. Most places charge you to dispose of the old battery when you get a new one at Walmart or other places. I never give them a core trade, and they charge me for that too. They charge 7 dollars to dispose of your dead battery you replace at most places here. Then turn around and sell them to the recycling company that has monoplized our area recycling business with federal funding. I found it easier to run an add for dead batteries. One man gave me 30 of them!
Blakeney5 years ago
More safety stuff:

From Life 123:


If you’re tempted to dispose of your car battery in an improper way, remind yourself that the typical car battery is made up about 21 pounds of lead and a gallon of sulfuric acid. It's a little plastic package of very dangerous chemicals, and it's your responsibility to make sure those chemicals don't harm anyone.

Don Your Safety Gear
Make sure you put on safety goggles , thick work gloves and long sleeves. Battery acid can be terribly painful and harmful if it gets on your skin or in your eyes.

Extinguish All Flames
Don't smoke around old batteries. Gases from a leaky battery can explode. Remove lighters, matches and other sources of flame, and remove the battery in an area that's free of fuels and flammable chemicals.

Disconnect the Battery
Carefully remove the car battery from its mounting bracket and place it inside a sturdy plastic bag. Watch out for leaking battery acid; keep the battery far from your clothing, face and skin. Clean up any battery acid that leaks by flushing the area thoroughly with water.


and  From the British website Halfords



Safety Tips For Moving Batteries

Dealing with car batteries can be dangerous, so it is important to look at our guide to make sure you stay safe:

  • Battery acid can burn clothing and skin and even cause blindness if it leaks, so wear protective clothing when inspecting a battery prior to disconnection/transportation.
  • Disconnect the battery before inspecting it. [Note: I believe the negative side needs to be disconnected first here in the US, as in Britain - please someone correct me if this is wrong].
  • Before moving a battery, carry out a thorough inspection of its condition, using a torch (US: flashlight)  to check all sides of the battery for marks, dents or leaks.
  • If the battery has any severe dents or leaks then contact a professional mechanic or breakdown service for assistance and get it repaired or replaced, do not attempt to move it.
  • During transport, cover the terminals so they cannot be shorted out.
  • Keep the battery upright at all times.
  • The battery can be fairly heavy, so be careful when lifting and carrying the battery, seek assistance if required.

To make transport of the battery safer and more convenient … [use].. a battery box.

Note: also, the Victoria Ries eHow article on How to Disconnect a Car Battery mentions a neutralizing solution of  baking soda and water that can be used on battery corrosion...I'm thinking it might be good to have a bottle of this on hand in case any acid gets on skin or clothing.

Ok, I'm done, and sorry for the book - hope this is helpful to any recycling newbs like me.

Blakeney5 years ago
Intriguing...I've never tried recycling car batteries and I was concerened about the safety issues. Found this on

WikiHow http://www.ehow.com/how_2294705_recycle-car-battery.html


1.    Step 1

Contact your local AAA office (see Additional Resources) to find out when and where you can deliver your old car battery. AAA hosts the Great Battery Roundup every year around late April, to coincide with Earth Day.

2.    Step 2

Put on gloves and safety glasses to handle car batteries. Place them upright in a secure container in your vehicle. Make sure that your container is water tight and the battery won't tip over. If your battery is leaking fluid, this is even more important.

3.    Step 3

Take your car battery to the nearest collection point so it can be shipped to a recycling center. If you have several car batteries to recycle, AAA also may help transport them during the roundup.


Tips & Warnings

  • The Great Battery Roundup lasts for several days, so if you can't make it in right away to drop off your car batteries, you probably have a few more days to get it done.
  • AAA also accepts many other types of vehicle batteries, including boat, motorcycle and RV batteries.
  • When you leave car batteries lying around on your property they can leak toxins into the soil and groundwater, which can poison you, your children and your pets.
 also good is

How to Disconnect a Car Battery by Victoria Ries on eHow:

MT-LB5 years ago
Maybe a dually or a trailer would help
ronmaggi5 years ago
 Before double stacking batteries like that, place some of the thick honeycombed cardboard used for battery transport on top of the first layer. I know that the folks at West Marine would probably be willing to give you a few sheets of it. Eventually bad things happen when you don't, and battery acid is not a good thing to spill all over. Also, Know that West marine sends thire batteries back to the East Penn Battery company, where they recycle EVERY part of the battery in their ZERO EMISSIONS factory.  
w477s5 years ago
o_O! gotta do this how, great idea for summertime partjob :D
soundmotor5 years ago
Did they pay you at $0.20/lb. or $0.25/lb.?
rodeobob5 years ago
Keep in mind that you need a lot of aluminium to get a pound. It takes up room.
Hot damn, I'm gonna get a huge tub and just keep throwing dead batteries in there. (Of course, after making them into Joule Theives.) +5/5 stars.
Try to keep the acid in them if you don't have other plans for it. EXTRA WEIGHT!
Keep the acid in them? Heck no, drain the acid and put something heavy like steel or lead or something heavier than acid and get more money :P
You would never come out richer with that idea. IDK acids ppg but if you take water as example it weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. It doesn't matter what kind of lead you have as they can all be sold so there is no need to fill batteries any more as you will be losing the acid weight.
Derin pappyld046 years ago
parts per gazillion?
You all weren't paying attention where you? You get 3 cents per pound more for a "drained" battery. The salvage operators have seen every trick in the book, ya think you are going to pull a fast one? I doubt it. They don't have to buy something that's suspicious. And add lead to make it heavier? LOL why bother?
Isn't the reason they buy these is so they get the lead? Buying lead from a store would be more expensive than getting dead batteries. And putting lead in there would get them what they were paying for so it wouldn't really be cheating them.
The provide chart doesn't contain the information needed to decide if putting additional lead in a drained battery, if a profitable move. No it's not cheating them, but you could cheat yourself. You may get more fore the lead you put in the battery, as simple scrap metal.
If you have a use for the acid it's no problem but dumping it is another theory.
I'm not sure why disposing of the battery acid should be much of a problem. Neutralize it and allow it to evaporate. I'm not sure what the lead content of the remaining residue would be. I would put the residue in a crucible to see to see if any lead content would melt so it could be poured in molds to sell as scrap. If not keep the residue in a tight container to take to a hazardous waste center. In the end it would be easier to settle for the "wet" price.
Batteries are already heavy as is. If you add too muck weight, You won't be able to carry them.
farbs locofocos7 years ago
the steel you would add to it is more expensive then the money you would earn from the extra weight. acid and lead are pretty d@mn heavy, compared to something else the same size. have you ever held one of them? i took apart an old electric scooter; i was amazed to find lead acid batteries in it of a decent size, and i picked one up quickly, and did a sort of double take, expecting it to be lighter than it was.
The acid has a great deal of lead dissolved in it. It weighs a lot on it's own and is reused as well. You would have to find a place to dump the acid, and God save you if the EPA finds out. Adding lead to recycle lead doesn't make sense economically.
You missed the main topic, I think. This isn't about normal small batteries, but bigger ones like car batteries!
lambologo6 years ago
i dont know where you sell yours but i pay 3 cences a pound to get rid of my batterys
This Cant Be Right Since I Had To Get A New Battery For My Car And Everywhere That I Went That Takes Dead Batteries, Would Only Give 5$!
I live in the dallas area where car batteries only go for $1 flat. They don't buy them by weight unless you rip them apart and separate the lead and nickle and niether sells for a high rate. You're likely better off scrapping used appliances out. Refrigerators are easy and full of aluminum and copper, but still takes a few of them plus the time to rip it all apart. most refrigerators are put together with phillips screws and 1/4 inch screws.. Just yank it all apart with wire cutters after removing all the plastic panels. If you scrap an old dryer first remove the back panel and slam the sucker on the ground several times and you'll likely find that a lot of lose change has settled in the bottom. One dryer yielded $14 in change plus the price for all the steel plus the copper wire. Don't be shy about yanking appliances apart. Tip them over to get to all the copper tubing and wire.
Derin7 years ago
I am green and it just DESTRUCTED my feelings when we threw out a lead acid battery which wouldnt charge
lukeyj15 Derin6 years ago
It's you again!! YAY
Mr.Ownage6 years ago
Ewwwwww lucky one i'm thin king about going USA
gorgo3336 years ago
so sad yet so true =(
PizzaPlanet7 years ago
great instructable i didn't know i could make money like that basically for free f you know how i could use the money too not many teens make that much in a month!
I make about that a month (and I'm a teenager) but I have to do hard work like sit in a office and play pinball :hehe: I do real work
Man I can't find any battery buying places around Elk Grove, CA. If anyone knows about a place e-mail me at: unbentcrayfish@gmail.com I never will remeber to check this comment again... thanks for the help!
shohom677 years ago
I make extra money from selling aluminum cans. The last time I went it was 80 cents a pound, which is an awesome price. I've gotten as much as 92 cents. There are a few tips I'd like to pass on.

1) Rinse out and leave cans turned over in a sink to dry over night. If you can't do this at least let them dry completely before you bag them.

2) Use the legs from a TV Tray (maybe buy at a 2nd hand store) to hold your garbage bag open. I recommend the 55 gallon lawn bags.

3)Tie the bags shut like you would the end of a balloon, making them easier to undo.

4) Make sure to store the bags out of the sun and you can smash them to hold more cans in each bag.

5) If you use the 55 gallon cans, it helps to have a buddy along to help you dump the cans into whatever receptacle they are using.

6) Ask friends and neighbors to save cans for you. If grandma knows it's gonna help her grandkids, she'll be happy to help

7) Take hand sanitizer and a rag to clean your hands!

Last time we went it was a thing of beauty. We had 5-6 large bags of cans. We worked as a team and dumped them into three large rolling bins and had them to the weighing area in less then 2 minutes. I had 42# = $33.60 for less than two hours work total.
You get more if you recycle them using the machine. Here in CA it's 5 cents a bottle/can under 32 oz. then it's 10 cents.
Estwald salazam6 years ago
California is a "deposit state", you pay a deposit on the container when you buy the drink over the price of the drink, That is what the machine is giving back.
In my home country (Malaysia) most places don't have municipal recycling yet, which sucks from an environmental perspective. But the flip side is that it's done by private operators in little trucks who go around from house to house buying cans and paper. Try getting money for old newspapers here in the USA...
well, I dunno about up north, but down south we just use Newspapers as fire starters...
molee7 years ago
that's a really exciting way to make some extra 'pocket cash!' i've been looking for alternative ways of making money, as i'm not the most 9-5 corporate whore kind of person, and this is VERY intriguing considering I live in an incredibly water-industrious area with a lot of boats, fishing and local seafood. i'm positive there will be at least a FEW batteries i can get my hands on. the only problem will be finding a place to trade them in for cash around here. i'm on the outer banks of NC, is there a website or something that has a junkyard database of some kind or something?
u should look for wat they got in hampstead. i live in chapel hill but come out to the banks alot. im just sayin hampstead cause wen i drive through i see piles of scrap everywhere. i think its right near wilmington if im not mistaken.
i am just wondering wat kind of batteries like AA AAA C and stuff or the bigger stuff?
For the most part these are disposable not recyclable. There is no money for these that I'm aware of! But you never know when that may change!
Derin pappyld047 years ago
Ian01 Derin7 years ago
But I don't think anyone will pay you for them. Fire halls and such usually collect them for free. On the other hand, primaries can be recharged a few times with a constant-current charger.
Derin Ian017 years ago
I know,those will not have enough potential to make cash from.
I was thinking that too but I dont think they accept those sorts. These bateries are recyclable while the standard alkaline are not (to my knowledge).
You can recycle virtually all types of batteries, but finding the programs to do it are sometimes difficult. In the context of this instructable, it's lead-acid car batteries that are the topic of discussion. Smaller alkaline/lithium/rechargables should also be recycled if at all possible, but you're not going to get anything for them as far as I know.
Do you thnk thay would take The Dry-Cell batteries??
so ur saying that u can only get money for the big stuff?
Not necessarily, but so far I haven't seen money for small batteries. The reasons for this are partially a lack of a comprehensive nation wide progam, but also small batteries are a higher labor/materials ratio (more effort, less gain) than a large battery. Also lead acid batteries have been around so long that the recycling business ecology for them has developed over the past century. We have a small battery recycling program where I work, but I think we actually are paying for them to be recycled, not the other way around. It's a market force that should be tapped by a better accounting of environmental cost, factored into the manufacturing price of the batteries. Better yet, use rechargables, they've gotten really good and can be recycled if you look hard enough. -RG
Radio Shack sells high capacity rechargable AAs. I bought a pair to try and they work great in my digital camera, last much longer than rechargeable Energizer or Duracell AAs. Few dollars more...not horribly expensive.
Historically, radio shack's rechargeables have been very good. There are some online sources that edge them out in terms of performance, but of course there's the added cost of shipping. Either way, it's still more cost effective than alkalines.
so would like duracell and stuff work?
They will work in your appliances but not a moneymaker!
if they are lead acid not alciline/ NiMh/ Litium
they are recyclable. but you may have to pay to get rid of them
he means like car batteries.
szechuan537 years ago
nice, 4.0 rating.
Driverman7 years ago
Defunct air-conditioners are also quite valuable as they contain quite a lot of copper and aluminium. It's my understanding that you get more if you separate out the metals but that may not be worth the time it takes.
Always seperate your metals if you want top dollar for it. If you do not they will pay you the going rate for the cheapest metal you are selling. Old AC units are worth the time to seperate but the compressors are not allowed. I've seen both aluminum and copper grills in them and make sure you snip the copper wiring and save in a bucket for later days. It seems like nothing looking at one unit but if you see these a lot you'd be surprised at how quickly this fills up. The lines that run from the compressor are usually copper but take care when removing. When you cut these lines there is still pressure on them and there is oil in there also. Wear a face shield or at least safety glasses and old clothes. Extra tip if you want is to save the housing from these units since tin is also worth a little bit. When I hauled my first load of tin it was a penny per pound. I can't say where the price is now but my last load was 5,000lbs.+/- and paid a bit under $300! Washers, dryers, fridges and most everything metal can be thrown in the trailer and sold under tin. The one I sell to checks loads for radiation around the compressors of fridges and any capacitors must be removed. Takes 2 seconds and you're making money! And you're helping to clean this trash up that people have thrown about with o consideration about possible long or short term problems it may cause!
Here in California you can get paid to recycle (give intact to a recycler) old Fridges and window Air Conditioners. You get about $35 per working fridge. See PGE.com
That way you do not need to let dangerous destructive refrigerants into the atmosphere to destroy our protective ozone layer and add to the greenhouse layer causing climate havoc. Some of these refrigerants are a thousand times more potent than CO2 as a climate disturber.
old a/c units may be pressurized with freon. Dangerous/ bad for the environment
Yes professor they are much better left to rot in a dump somewhere! Much safer?!?!
I just meant be careful and do this only in a well ventilated area
thehumanfly7 years ago
I don't think I could sleep at night if I knew I was selling lead to China. ;-)
No worries about the lead to China, mate. They're just putting it in toothpastes and baby car seats and sending it right back to use.
Lead has many applications in industry.. its used in soundproofing for one. Lead sheets applied to a wall during construction deaden sound due to its density. Medical applications in radiology, you wouldnt want an xray without that little pad protecting your manhood. Electronics wouldnt be so cheap without a lead-tin alloy known as solder. new batteries can be made too.
_soapy_ Silence7 years ago
Except that most of the world has banned lead based solder, and even bullets no longer contain lead (at least, not the US army ones - they switched to ones that are 100 times more money to be "green"!) The price of lead hasn't gone up much. Compare it to the price of copper! That's gone up massively, as has steel.
Konnrade7 years ago
You're pretty darn fortunate to have gotten paid that much for that load of batteries. I worked for a store that had been in business selling them for a very long time, and had you turned them in to any of the stores in this area you'd probably have gotten less than $100 for all of them. Roughly $6 for the golf carts, $8-10 for the large commercial batteries (those~80lb ones there), and about $3 for any of the automotive batteries. A lot of stores are making most of their profit from recycling, and are actually selling new batteries on a painfully thin margin. They're also charging deposits on new battery sales unless you turn in one to be recycled upon purchasing a new one, it's getting that difficult for them to maintain a worthwhile profit. Well, that is unless you go to an auto-parts store and pay $110 for a crappier battery than what you could spend $60 on if you shop around, but I digress...
And the battery places can't work out how come they aren't making money, when selling the stuff for around half price vs. the car shops? Obviously not smart business men. Charge a little more, then you can afford to advertise, and get more customers in, while still undercutting the car shops. Meanwhile, your price only competitors go out of business.
The problem is that there are also companies in the market which have grown quite large and are able to use economies of scale to retain these low prices and still turn a profit, leaving the smaller private businesses in a position where they have to reasonably compete with the other battery specialists in order to ensure a livable profit, thus using the recycling profits as a crutch to offset the oft-unsatisfactory income from sales. An auto parts store keeps a small stock of batteries, priced high, so they can sell them quite slowly on a high margin and enjoy the profit. They don't have to move a lot of batteries to maintain a steady profit, because they have a diverse stock of products that provide their sales income, of which batteries are only one component... and people, unaware they could get a better deal elsewhere, and prone to going to an automotive store for any given automotive problem, are none the wiser and while they might not be happy spending $110 to buy a mediocre battery for their old V8 sedan, they bite the bullet because the car won't start without one. Unfortunately, most auto parts stores also don't know how to actually test a battery in the first place (I've walked in on them doing it wrong for a customer while I was there for something else, in fact), nor how to charge them properly. There were a bunch of other factors, in terms of logistics, staffing, and obstacles to growth, in place in the location where I worked, but that's quite a bit too much info to delve into here.
bumpus7 years ago
our school is doing the same kind of thing, its 2 points for every 2 battery's, were in competition for a $1000 grant to the science department with three other schools
They don't give you a point for one?
that would seem like the logical thing to do.
bumpus clark7 years ago
tell my about it, i brought in like 65 battery's...
An odd number?!? NO POINTS FOR YOU! COME BACK< ONE YEAR!!! lol
they way my grades are, i might be back next year :D
sadly no, i hate our chem teachers teaching process...
Grey_Wolfe7 years ago
Would be more profitable to go with aluminum. clean aluminum's around 40-60 a pound these days (at least last time I saw, bout two months ago). Still, 20 a pound for scrap isn't too bad, as long as you can get it where you're going. Hope it's a short trip, hate to see the gas bill on that,lol. Nice of you to share the riches though. Perhaps hackers will save the world. :-P
40-60 cents, sorry bout that.
haha I was like damn thats a lot
It's still a lot, just not quite so much. lol
I'm having a helluva time finding a place in CT that will pay for old batteries online. Would any old scrap yard accept batteries?
microman1717 years ago
Haha. American money looks funny... Like NZ toy money. Nice 'ible :D
"American money looks funny" Really? "Like NZ toy money" I take it you've never played Monopoly?
NZ cash.jpgMonopoly-Money-748981.jpg
Touche! Lol. Im talking about the cheap fake money you get from toy safes etc.
Yeah, you're right. It does look fake. I hate it.
The new 5's are weird... Isn't the 5 all big and purple?
I don't know, I don't carry cash.

I got one today. Its big and purple =D
ohhhhh CAAAAAAAA-na-da <3
Alienor7 years ago
Here in Germany there is a deposit of 15€ on every car battery or you have to bring in the old one when you buy a new one. On the scrapyard you would only get 2 or 3€ per item...this means there are no batteries trashed into the landscape anymore.
While this may be the intent of the deposit it's not entirely wormproof. There are a lot of lazy, inconsiderate, foolish people who have no clue that the old ones would knock that deposit off of the new one. There are others who will not carry those batteries to the bed of a truck for turn-in but they will haul them to a dumpster to throw them away. They are out there.
Yeah, many states in the US have required deposits as well. It makes finding an old battery difficult (a very good thing).

The deposits are around $10 usually, so that would normally dissuade people from saving a battery, in order to receive the 12.50 per battery that this guy got. ($300/24=12.50).
I work at walmart as a cart pusher while I go to school and there are always a couple of batteries left lying in carts. some people just aren't smart enough to take the old battery in first.
The deposit is to keep people from throwing out batteries.
Derin7 years ago
before i read the definition of tl in the ible i thought you were at the same country as me!because we use tl as our currency.it stands for Turkish Liras
pappyld047 years ago
You guys might be surprised to learn how many things are made of aluminum. Screen doors, large satellite dishes, a lot of old coffee kettles, older crock pots sometimes have Al. liners, and most of these new fancy camper trailers and Rvs that have those canopy shades are rolled onto a 3-4" round Al. tube, and I've even found a few old wringer washers with Al. tubs! Almost forgot about the older lawn chair frames. The metals are there guys but some people never bother to look past the obvious!
And to think they only give you about 5 bucks for core on most batteries brought in ...lol.
Sparks-3rd7 years ago
Our company uses these in our machines, good to know we can start getting money for em and not just chucking em in the dump. Much appreciated.
Jake Turner7 years ago
Hot damn. This makes perfect sense, but it's not really something most people think of. I'm gonna start collecting batteries now. :D Faved and 5 starred.
Metals are a good commodity right now. Look at: lead copper steel GOLD! Also having a ton of infrastructure projects world wide and having wars world wide drives the prices of metal up. Copper, Lead, Zinc, Steel --> small arms ammo If you are into target shooting, then you'll know the pain of buying ammo at this time.. spendy. Good job recycling the batteries !!
vince0867 years ago
wish they did this in my country, i d be rich in no time !! too bad
pappyld047 years ago
About 4-5 years ago I hauled in a bit of 1,000lbs. of them and got $250! A guy stopped and asked about my restart a few weeks ago and said they were giving $7 per battery! Stainless was the same price as aluminum on my last trip also. Copper was close to $5lb. for #1. Unfortunately that brought the thiefs and drugfuckers out of the woodwork and they have been breaking into houses that aren't even finished yet and tearing copper out of the walls. They even hit a power station and stole all that.
F1X0R7 years ago
primary school near me had same kind of porblem but with lead flashing on the roof, worth about 250GBP, but 10 thousand notes to replace. Then they nicked that (using a weelie bin from someones house). It got replaced with felt so that it couldn't happen again but that was about 7 thousand notes. Though I did notice that some people up my road had filled up a skip a lot of it was copper waste, they where going to chuck it! as I was going to recycle a load of similar stuff, I told em I could get a bit of money for that, and they let me keep half, so from just their stuff £50 sweet.
TFrosty7 years ago
Where do you find all of these car batteries???
chuckr447 years ago
In Michigan, there is a $10 deposit for each car battery. No other batteries have deposits, like the big 6v ones for toys, or household batteries (AA, AAA, C or D). However my library recycles batteries and I take household batteries there.
Watch out for scrapyards that try to diddle you, by doing before and after differential weighing, of your truck, on a truck scale. Truck scales are nowhere near accurate for tiny (relatively) loads, say, under a ton. I took in a good 300 lbs. of batteries to a place once, and only got about $20. Insist on proper scale usage.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Wow! Now I won't feel so bad about paying 420 for my ev's batteries. Great job!
So you finally bought them?
not yet -I will soon
Nice, when you get them tell me how well their performance is. and what kind they are.
manolo7 years ago
Does anyone know where to sell them in San Diego Ca?
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
i'm gonna go and collect every dead battery sitting on the street!
awoodcarver7 years ago
they have removed lead from US. mill issue ammo ...You find it in older stuff pre 2000 I think ... A tungsten-tin composite is used to make bullets....Is tungsten a big Chinese export? I have dozens of old boat batteries here now I know what to do with them I may get enough to pay for the gas to get my F-150 to Oakland....A place here use to buy used brass from the range I would get $170-$200 for 2 55 gal barrels full ...they quit buying when live rounds got in the barrels ..the lead we use to give away saving money ..reloaders and model makers took it
Wow! At $300 for 24 batteries, that's 12.50 a battery.
Wow! Thats a great TIp! Thanks Tim Anderson! Btw I meet you in person at the make faire.
Patrik7 years ago
Wow - 1400 pounds of batteries? That's a lot of hauling! :-)