I just got paid $300 cash for two dozen old lead-acid batteries. Here's how.

A lot of readers are asking: Where do I get dead batteries?:
I mostly got these batteries by seeing and asking for them. New cars wreck batteries pretty quick because the car computer never really turns off. So if the car isn't driven regularly it'll over-discharge and sulfate the battery.
I tell my friends to give me their toxic waste and I'll get rid of it, cuz I hate seeing buckets of drain oil left out in the rain. They give me their dead batteries also.
I picked up a few behind service stations and parts stores where people had orphaned them. A few came from my marina next to the dumpster, more came from the marine supply store. I told them I was experimenting with desulfating batteries and they told me to help myself to their scrap pile. Some came back to life from various magic treatments and I gave them to friends or built them into projects.

Those projects included as welders and power storage for solar welders, running power tools off them, as well as starting and lighting batteries for the Free Yacht.

I finally got around to taking the bad ones to the scrapyard and damn!
Here's what the robo-cashier at the scrapyard gave me for my load of toxic waste!
Batteries are worth real money now, if you can find the right buyer.

Step 1: Check the Market

The market goes up and down. Right now the dollar is low and China and India are buying scrap like crazy to sell it back to us as products. That drives up scrap values. Our military shooting and attracting bullets all over the world doesn't hurt the value of lead either.

Check the values online or in your paper, if it has a commodity markets listing.
You'll get less than this, because you're not selling a train car full. Unlike retail economics, in collection economics smaller quantities are worth less per pound.
If you're in a city with a port that ships to China, expect to get a higher price than elsewhere.
If you have a huge quantity, bargain up for a higher price. The yards that load ships won't usually bother with you unless you've got truckloads, but if you do, they'll pay accordingly higher.

"TL" means "Truck Load". "LTL" means "Less than Truckload".
I have brand new ever start batteries for half of the retail price. If they cost 140 with tax included I have them for 70 flat. Don't have many left and they goin like hot cakes. U can reach me by text at 347-869-4571. Call me Mr. Batteries for low
I have brand new ever start batteries for half of the retail price. If they cost 140 with tax included I have them for 70 flat. Don't have many left and they goin like hot cakes. U can reach me by text at 347-869-4571. Call me Mr. Batteries for low
I have brand new ever start batteries for half of the retail price. If they cost 140 with tax included I have them for 70 flat
We have a battery recycling shop in Mobile Alabama, Pensacola and sorrounding areas. Our business name is The Battery Shop Recycling, you can find us on Facebook as cash for junk batteries. We pay top prices for your junk auto battery and we also pick it up from you. Be part of the solution, help us save our enviroment.
im from Indonesia.<br>and we have lots of dead batteries here....for about two dump trucks...<br>how can i send it to you??<br>thanks
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<p>Urgent need to buy:</p><p>Acid Drained BATTERIES FOR CARS AND TRUCKS </p><p>re: ISRI CODE RAINS. PLATE LEAD CONTENT: 65% TO 75%.</p><p>Quantity: 500 MT each month from 15 months minimum.</p><p>Traget price: 480USD/MT </p><p>CIF Any port IN Spain</p><p>Payment: l/c irrevocable, no transferable, payment aging document shipment, etc.</p><p>and, very import: CERTIFICATE BASEL CONVENTION.<br></p><div>Send FCO to us <p>Stanford1008@gmail.com </p></div>
<p>Please send me details at manish@palco.co.in</p>
Hi we are from USA we are very interested in buying your batteries but don't really know how much it cost to send it to here, is it possible for you to find the shipping information to pensacola florida o mobile Alabama? Thank you very much
i've found the shipping information now...<br>its about $700/container to USA.<br><br>so is that possible to you paid the shipping's cost??<br><br>thanks,,<br>u can email me at sephiroth_soul@yahoo.com<br><br>am waiting for ur reply.<br>:)
hi rksumo,<br><br>i'm interested in buying the batteries from you.....send me photographs, if you can...vishalnathwani@hotmail.com...<br>
you can get back to yours through our company email address: camtrade@live.com for more inquiries <br>
For more information call us at 2517671752
<p>Urgent need to buy:</p><p>ACID DRAINED BATTERIES FOR CARS AND TRUCKS </p><p>ISRI CODE RAINS. PLATE LEAD CONTENT: 65% TO 75%.</p><p>Quantity: 500 MT OR MORE each month from 15 months minimum.</p><p>CIF Any ports in Spain</p><p>Payment: l/c irrevocable, no transferable, payment aging document shipment,</p><p>and, very import: CERTIFICATE BASEL CONVENTION. ISCC</p><p>Send offer to us </p><p>stanford1008@gmail.com or shaostanford@yahoo.com</p><p>mail: carlosluispallero@evergreengroup.es</p>
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<p>hi i have a battery car wheres you location </p>
I have 4 car batterys old for $$$ how much would you give me
I can give u R100 per batery
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<p>I live in saudi, so where do I go ?</p>
I have energizer 2032 batteries brand new in packaging still trying to get rid of them
<p>cell phone dead betteri hai ager kisi k pas tu is per rabta kero plz .0332 =8142415 sageer daaar</p>
<p>yar cellphone ki bettery ho ge ap k pas</p>
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<p>hai Bro I need your batteries my contact email rashed7876@gmail.com no 65 90254437</p>
<p>I have 50 to 100 old laptop batteries If anyone is interested.</p><p>www.AtomicGeeks.com</p>
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I have all types of small batteries
Hello. I am from Philippines. I have here some used watch batteries. All original and I am selling it. Feel free to contact me at +639420838087 or email me at lloydybanez099@gmail.com Thank you.
<p>I have a few pounds of AA and AAA batteries, I live in Elk Grove, CA. Here it's illegal to throw batteries in the trash or recycle bin, so I tried to find a place that will take batteries but they all charge. Is there anyone that will buy them please? </p>
<br>U contact me +65 84475349 e-mail rashed7876@gmail.com
Hi ok. Im kevin, and im a Big buyer of junk Automotive batteries in The midwest. The prices being paid or projected on here do not even compair to what i pay. Im paying more then 20 cents a pound, and the price is currently down. I would love to do business with anyone willing. I will help with shipping as well. call kevin at (920)605-0778
Hi Kevin,<br><br>we are looking for someone to send our car and truck batteries to, we ship 25 ton in a 40 feet container, all batteries are empty and drained of acid.<br><br>if you are interested in buying you can contact me at this e-mail adres<br>rogier_jansen@hotmail.com<br><br>thanks
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<p>hello.. i am manik i live in india. i am looking for someone to send me old car and truck batteries. as much quantity as u can please send me the price and ur contact details on maniklekhi@yahoo.com</p>
Hai bro i need car and truck batteries . If you are interested in shelling contact me at this e-mail adres rashed7876@gmail.com contact number +65 84475349 thanks
i am having about 1000mt of use car battery so interested buyer should contact camtrade@live.com for more inquiries
Email rashed7876@gmail.com
Hai bro i am rashed from singapore i need scrape car battries if u like to shel pls give ur contact no and price my contact no +65 90254437
<p>Please send me details at manish@palco.co.in</p>

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