Picture of Get Big Money for Scrap Batteries
I just got paid $300 cash for two dozen old lead-acid batteries. Here's how.

A lot of readers are asking: Where do I get dead batteries?:
I mostly got these batteries by seeing and asking for them. New cars wreck batteries pretty quick because the car computer never really turns off. So if the car isn't driven regularly it'll over-discharge and sulfate the battery.
I tell my friends to give me their toxic waste and I'll get rid of it, cuz I hate seeing buckets of drain oil left out in the rain. They give me their dead batteries also.
I picked up a few behind service stations and parts stores where people had orphaned them. A few came from my marina next to the dumpster, more came from the marine supply store. I told them I was experimenting with desulfating batteries and they told me to help myself to their scrap pile. Some came back to life from various magic treatments and I gave them to friends or built them into projects.

Those projects included as welders and power storage for solar welders, running power tools off them, as well as starting and lighting batteries for the Free Yacht.

I finally got around to taking the bad ones to the scrapyard and damn!
Here's what the robo-cashier at the scrapyard gave me for my load of toxic waste!
Batteries are worth real money now, if you can find the right buyer.
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hi man i have a old battery scrap i need a seriously buyer this is my email; taoufiqscofield@gmail.com

I want u contact me rashed7876@gmail.com no 65 8447535o
SamanthaS82 months ago


Hai i have how ur cost my contact 65 90254437 e-mail rashed7876@gmail.com
Tbattery14 days ago
I have all types of small batteries
lloydb126 days ago
Hello. I am from Philippines. I have here some used watch batteries. All original and I am selling it. Feel free to contact me at +639420838087 or email me at lloydybanez099@gmail.com Thank you.
l3prac0n1 year ago

I have a few pounds of AA and AAA batteries, I live in Elk Grove, CA. Here it's illegal to throw batteries in the trash or recycle bin, so I tried to find a place that will take batteries but they all charge. Is there anyone that will buy them please?

U contact me +65 84475349 e-mail rashed7876@gmail.com
Hi Kevin,

we are looking for someone to send our car and truck batteries to, we ship 25 ton in a 40 feet container, all batteries are empty and drained of acid.

if you are interested in buying you can contact me at this e-mail adres

Hai bro i buy from u . Ur cost price pls contact me +65 84475349 e-mail rashed7876@gmail.com
Hai bro i want how your cost




hello.. i am manik i live in india. i am looking for someone to send me old car and truck batteries. as much quantity as u can please send me the price and ur contact details on maniklekhi@yahoo.com

RajeedK1 month ago
Hai bro i need car and truck batteries . If you are interested in shelling contact me at this e-mail adres rashed7876@gmail.com contact number +65 84475349 thanks
tradecam3 years ago
i am having about 1000mt of use car battery so interested buyer should contact camtrade@live.com for more inquiries
Email rashed7876@gmail.com
Hai bro i am rashed from singapore i need scrape car battries if u like to shel pls give ur contact no and price my contact no +65 90254437

Please send me details at manish@palco.co.in

We are a Seller and supply OCC Paper Scrap with the following specifications, terms & conditions. Sales & purchases .

Item specifics

Place of Origin: London United Kingdom

Port: Tilbury Port

Brand Name: Scrap Batteries

white: black

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Metric Ton/Metric Tons 150

Supply Ability: 500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Week Month


Auto & Truck Scrap Batteries

Auto and truck battery, Drained Lead Battery Scrap (As per ISRI Code RAINS),and we ship globally. contact for more details

We are active in sales: Auto and truck battery, Drained Lead Battery Scrap (As per ISRI Code” RAINS"),and we ship globally. We have presently huge quantity of Drained Dry Lead-Acid Batteries (RAINS) at our yard.

*Drained dry whole intact lead batteries (free of acid liquid) (ISRI CODE: RAINS),
*Lead Acid Batteries of White color only with P.P. material.
*Not black batteries with ebonite material*

Interested Buyer should Contact us Direct our details.

REG - 01669351 AQSIQ - A826080426
Address - Feldspar Close Warren Industrial
Estate Enderby, LEICESTER
Email - ocealalimited24@gmail.com
Web- http://ocealaltduk.webs.com
Tel - +447024015072
Fax - +7024011172

Hai bro rsahed her i need scrape car and truck batteries with lead how your cost my contact no +65 84475349 email rashed7876@gmail.com

Please send me details at manish@palco.co.in

helkeys1 month ago
SamanthaS82 months ago
JakiraT2 months ago
I Have A Brand New Phone Battery & It Works really good here's a picture
JakiraT JakiraT2 months ago
Email me @ jakirathomas61@gmail.com
doperr2 months ago

I live in in croatia, I have lots of used (scraped) batteries for cell phone's all brands, samsung, HTC, sony , and If u need I have lots of scrap motherboards from cell phone's

Contact me on doperr@hotmail.com
if u need anything, lots of
edmundk3 months ago

hello i have almost 3000 tonnes of scrap auto batteries if some one is interested just reply to me here and to my email at kwamedoo123@gmail.com.

Thank you

abdul jabar3 months ago


All people having scrap lead batteries feel free to contact me


abdul jabar3 months ago

sir, I have 30ton of scrap drain battery for export. I need a serious buyer. Contact me micsteelum38@yahoo.com

what is the price per ton. and what type of battery is?

MVPofVIP4 months ago

I own a salvage yard in Indianapolis and we get in hundreds of car batteries weekly. Looking for pricing for a core buyer. Indyrecycling@yahoo.com

CWholesales4 months ago

We carry Over 2k pounds of Lithium Ion cellphone batteries willing to sell by pound if anybody can use please email me best offer ready to ship in FL


uxman.uzzaman5 months ago

All people having scrap lead batteries feel free to contact me @ usmanuzzaman@outlook.com. serious sellers only!

hi man i have a old battery scrap i need a seriously buyer this is my email; go.on trader15@gmail.com

I have assorted watch batteries, all sizes, maybe hundred and fifty or more pounds of them,, anyone help me sell them

Destinyjaeee 9 months ago
I just bought a new battery for my audi a4 that Im giving to the junk yard so I want to sell the battery since it's brand new but auto zone won't buy it since it's been in the car. So I want to know where I can take it to and how much I'll get
bkcellulark11 months ago

i have over 500 old cellphone batteries. if anyone is interested in the purchase, please contact me toyz523@gmail.com.

swander1 year ago

took 5 to a used battery store and they gave me $40 for the lot. $15 credit per battery on a trade in and $8 for a core that wasn't shorted. Dont know what a shorted battery gets you but I dont understand why it makes a differrence when they gut it and replate it anyway.

We have a battery recycling shop in Mobile Alabama, Pensacola and sorrounding areas. Our business name is The Battery Shop Recycling, you can find us on Facebook as cash for junk batteries. We pay top prices for your junk auto battery and we also pick it up from you. Be part of the solution, help us save our enviroment.
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