Scrap/Tiny Wall Made of Cassete Tape Boxes (' ; '





Introduction: Scrap/Tiny Wall Made of Cassete Tape Boxes (' ; '

About: I'm just making some ideas to become real.

Never more to forget your appointments.
Your small things can you get so easy..

This Scrap-tiny  Wall is made of old tape boxes.
Recycle and enjoy this beautiful idea.

So let's pump it!

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Step 1: What You Need:

  • - Cassette tapes boxes
  • - Scissors and double sided tape ( I used this like silicon)
  • - pens and paper for the scraps.
  • - post cards,flyers,  cool pictures you have..

Step 2: Making:

- On the Door    
  • cut a piece o tape and put behind the box.
  • fix it on the Door!
  • cut pieces of paper, write your schedule and put into the boxes.
  • When you don't want to let a scrap, put a picture in!

Step 3: Making:

- on a Closet.
  • do the same steps.
  • fix the boxes 1 cm longer each other.
  • put a picture in

Step 4:

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    AWESOME!!! Congratulations Mary Candy!!!

    they are flyers, or postcards of parties, films, theater..
    sometimes I take at the college or on the clubs I go...
    I love it ! I have a big collection ; )

    This is BRILLIANT! Now I am wishing I still had some of my old tapes! Yard Sale time it is :)

    1 reply

    sure ;) I found on a Yard Sale..

    WOW, this is SO clever- practical, fun, cheap and it looks spectacular! Thank you for the clear photos to show how to make it. I think I'll to go to my local charity thrift shop to get some old cassettes in their cases- I know they have lots, very cheap ;)

    I came over to say thanks for subscribing and then saw this project! This is awesome! I'm gonna start hunting for cassettes now!

    you can put , what you want.. maybe some photos of you and friends. .

    Woah, that looks like real expensive modern art (the first one) lol =P

    always cheap.
    I don't spend money , if can do what I want without it. Capiche?
    If you take a look on my pics, will see how I work.
    Thank you very much.
    Good luck for us today!

    and if you are talking about the sand castle.. please , your comment stays on the wrong Instruc. ;)

    They're too thin, just for paper!