Never more to forget your appointments.
Your small things can you get so easy..

This Scrap-tiny  Wall is made of old tape boxes.
Recycle and enjoy this beautiful idea.

So let's pump it!

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Step 1: What You Need:

  • - Cassette tapes boxes
  • - Scissors and double sided tape ( I used this like silicon)
  • - pens and paper for the scraps.
  • - post cards,flyers,  cool pictures you have..

Step 2: Making:

- On the Door    
  • cut a piece o tape and put behind the box.
  • fix it on the Door!
  • cut pieces of paper, write your schedule and put into the boxes.
  • When you don't want to let a scrap, put a picture in!

Step 3: Making:

- on a Closet.
  • do the same steps.
  • fix the boxes 1 cm longer each other.
  • put a picture in

Step 4:

Great idea!
Thumbs up!!!!
AWESOME!!! Congratulations Mary Candy!!!
Where did you get those amazing pop images? (:
they are flyers, or postcards of parties, films, theater..<br>sometimes I take at the college or on the clubs I go...<br>I love it ! I have a big collection ; )
This is BRILLIANT! Now I am wishing I still had some of my old tapes! Yard Sale time it is :)
sure ;) I found on a Yard Sale..
WOW, this is SO clever- practical, fun, cheap and it looks spectacular! Thank you for the clear photos to show how to make it. I think I'll to go to my local charity thrift shop to get some old cassettes in their cases- I know they have lots, very cheap ;)
genious idea
I came over to say thanks for subscribing and then saw this project! This is awesome! I'm gonna start hunting for cassettes now!
Does this work with CD cases as well?
Sure.<br>Look the pics:<br>
YES!!! how absolutely perfect is this!?
you can put , what you want.. maybe some photos of you and friends. .<br>;)
Woah, that looks like real expensive modern art (the first one) lol =P
<br>always cheap. <br>I don't spend money , if can do what I want without it. Capiche?<br>If you take a look on my pics, will see how I work.<br>Thank you very much.<br>Good luck for us today! <br>
and if you are talking about the sand castle.. please , your comment stays on the wrong Instruc. ;)
They're too thin, just for paper!
photos, posters etc...
cool idea! totally unexpected! )) <br>thanks!
Cool idea.
You're putting the tape along the top edge of the box, correct? (What will be the top edge when it's attached to the door or wall, that is)
HI Camelsamba<br>On the door I put the tape on a side, you can see on the pic how it stays.. like a looking glass.<br>On the closet, I put on the other side, because I want it stays open, like the 6. pic shows..<br>:)<br>Understand?<br>if not ask again..<br><br>*Sorry my english maybe is not helping..
Thanks for the clarification. It's just hard to tell where the tape is since it is see-through! <br><br>I think this is a great idea and I'm going to use it a few places in our house. I also voted for it in the contest. :^)
and on the closet:<br>(&gt;';'&lt;)
look the pics:<br>on the door
thanks for voting friends from http://www.orkut.com.br/Main#Community?cmm=27489717
Votada dear .. pelo menos penso que sim... bjocas
uhull Gracies!
Ok voto confirmado!
Mary rocks!
uhull Party today!
this is my daugther
This is so cool!!!!<br>
This is brilliant! Wish I had all my old tapes to do this project with.
for a long time , I wanted to make this project, but I haven't no tape box.. so I asked to friends to help me. So I got some boxes here .. some boxes there....<br>until I have enough ; ) <br>Always I have in mind some project I ask for help of friends.
I'm going to tape some strip magnets to a cassette box and use it like the schedule, except I'll put recipe cards for the week inside. No food stains on the recipe and near the grocery list so I can make sure I have/buy what I need to cook for the week. Since Friday night is &quot;Dinner Out&quot; night, I'll keep coupons for pizza and restaurants in the Friday spot.<br><br>I love it!
wauuu GREAT IDEA TOO!!!<br>I'm going to make it like you.<br><br>I'm glad you liked. (&gt;' ; '&lt;)

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