There are numerous paper wallets that can be found around this site, but only a select few have the effect to WOW anyone who sees it. That being said, I have made a paper wallet by combining www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Wallet/, www.instructables.com/id/Accordion-Style-Card-Wallet/ and adding on a few extras of my own.

Credits to theRIAA and themostbob for the basic ideas of the paper wallet.

Now, grab your craftiness and get ready to start making an eye-worthy wallet.

Step 1: So Many Choices, So Little Time.

First thing's first: choosing your material. I used scrapbook paper as it is thicker than regular paper and there are so many designs that it's hard not to make more than just one wallet. I chose a design that would appeal to my friend as a present, but you can use any style of paper that you desire.

My scrapbook paper was much too large to make a regular paper wallet, so some trimming was necessary. I used a regular sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper as a guide, and cut the scrapbook paper to size.

How sturdy is this wallet? Can it be used as an everyday one or do you think it would break easily with normal wallet use?

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