Great! You have decided to start a scrapbook.
All people start a scrapbook for the same reason, to capture and cherish priceless memories. Some people want to remember a special trip or event, give them to others as a present, or simply just as a hobby to pass the time. Before we start defining components and beginto put a page together, understanding the history of scrapbooking might give insight and inspiration into your own creativity.  Looking at the history may spark ideas, the common misconception is that scrapbooking only pertains to photos, but actually poems and other mementos can also be including within a scrapbook. This is mentioned in the history section due to the fact that scrapbooks were invented before photographs were invented. After the history section,   explanation of what materials will be needed is listed. Each material, then, will further be expanded and explained. Understanding what type of materials there are is a fundamental step in putting a scrapbook together.  Once the introductions of the materials are covered, the next section will tackle the costs associated with starting a scrapbook. Although, the cost of the materials are estimated and deeply depends on where you live. Next, the heart of the project begins. In section four will the “nuts and bolts” task part of scrapbooking by assembling a scrapbook page. It will go in depth, step by step, how to put a page layout together. This is the point where personal style and creativity will play a major role. Finally, the last section, five, will cover any additional information or tips that will aid in your scrapbook project. 
                               So, what are you waiting for… lets get started!


Step 1: Part 1: History of Scrapbooks

Although it may seem that scrapbooking has taken off as a fast growing hobby, this fad is anything but new. The idea of preserving pictures, poems, article clippings, and other mementos has been around since the eighteen hundreds, even before cameras were invented!  In 1826, a book called “Manuscript Gleanings and Literary Scrap Book” was published and created by, not a female, but by a male John Poole! It's a book filled with printed poems and engravings. Of course, the invention of photography shaped the new way people scrapbooked, immensely. In 1837, Louis-Jacques Daguerre invented the daguerreotype, the first photography processing machine. In 1857, "carte-de-viste" albums which contained pockets for photograph insertions gained popularity in the United States. Besides pages for displaying photographs, these early scrapbook albums also contained pages for doing watercolor paintings and pencil drawings.
The manners of scrapbooking were changing rapidly along with the technology advancements. The paper used was colorful, some with patterns mainly birds or flowers and the covers were being made of leather. Advances like an adhesive scrapbook that contained pre-pasted pages were invented by an American scrapbooker and author famously known as Mark Twain. In addition, George Eastman's invention of the Kodak camera and roll film in 1888 revolutionized the whole photography industry!. In mid-1990s, with the explosion of scrapbook idea publications, scrapbooking picked up speed in becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies in America. . Acid free paper and archival materials made scrapbooking more creative than ever. With the added technology of the internet, ideas and materials are at a person’s fingertips.
This is a picture of the first daguerreotype:
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<p>hi jnewbold,</p><p>I want to start scrapbooking but I have no idea where to start can you please help me?</p>
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