Step 15: Tips and Additional Information:

Tips and Additional Information


v  Pre-made Pages- can be found at any craft store. They are exactly what they sound to be “pre-made” themed pages. These can be extremely helpful if your time is limited or want a hassle free scrapbook.

v  Resources: There are many different outlets to share or find ideas and supplies for scrapbooking.

ü   Scrapbook magazines can be purchased at any local craft store.

ü   Online websites and discussion groups

ü   Scrapbook seminars/classes are sometimes offered at craft stores; see your local craft store for any information.

ü   Scrapbook conventions- Yes, conventions! It is a place where specialized scrapbook vendors from all over the country gather in one place. Admission varies with location. Also, scrapers can bring their supplies and scrapbook in a special area. It is unique and usually publicized via through the radio.

ü   Other scrappers, people who scrapbook, are a great resource in sharing layout designs and tips.


<p>Very nice article,, ive worked with different progs, but all are very hard.., the only one, that i liked was RonyaSoft Poster Designer which makes perfect scarbooks, http://www.ronyasoft.com/products/poster-forge/tutorials/ - link for it.</p>
<p>hi jnewbold,</p><p>I want to start scrapbooking but I have no idea where to start can you please help me?</p>
Girl! you are a pro at scrapbooking. Nice ible!

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