This instructable will walk you through the steps to solder up your Scrapyard Challenge 555 Noisemaker kit!

This kit is a tool to teach the fundamentals of electricity through sound.  Open vs closed circuits, conductivity, and resistance are demonstrated through the articulation and frequency control of a square wave tone output from a completely analog 555 timer circuit.

555 Noisemaker Features:

- 555 timer circuit, outputting a sonified square waveform
- 2 circuit inputs: one to learn about open and closed circuits (on/off) and the other to connect dynamically resistive circuits (controls frequency of tone output)
- Switch to select between headphone or speaker output
- Switch to select between constant on or switch mode (open/closed circuit)
- Potentiometer to adjust range to fit current resistive circuit range
- Spring terminals for easy and safe circuit connecting and disconnecting
- Large 8-ohm speaker for big sounds from little power!
- 9-volt battery enclosure with on/off switch
- 2.1mm barrel jack for external power supply (will accept anything up to 12v)
- 2 LEDs: one power and one pulsing with frequency of square wave output

To order your own 555 Noisemaker kit, email joe saavedra. They cost $20 + $5 shipping to anywhere in the USA.

This kit is wholly open-source!  Check out the Eagle CAD files on github here: http://github.com/jmsaavedra/Scrapyard-555-Kit

Scrapyard Challenge by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki. Board and kit designed by joe saavedra. With support from Louisa Campbell, Liza Stark, and Parsons the New School for Design, Dept of Art, Media, and Technology.

Simple "Light Theremin" demo:

Step 1: Gather Parts

Inside your kit, you'll find all the parts you need to make your own noisemaker. Double check that you have everything before you begin!

Parts List:

- 1 8-ohm speaker
- 1 1/8" headphone jack
- 1 10kΩ potentiometer
- 3 resistors (2 1kΩ, 1 200Ω)
- 3 capacitors: .1uf, 4.7uF, 10uF
- 2 SPDT slide switches
- 2 LEDs (red, blue)
- 1 2.1mm barrel jack for power supply
- 1 LM7805 voltage regulator
- 1 555 timer IC, socket
- 1 9-volt battery enclosure with on/off switch
- 1 4-pole spring terminal

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