I've had a couple of Cybots as well as the Tom robots for a number of years - every so often they get dragged out and tinkered with. Now is this years turn. I have decided to try my hand at Arduino control of the Bots motors.

There seems to be a large number of You tube Videos that say "yes we did it", but not many on how to get there, so I'm going to start from what I think should be the beginning. Assumptions these can be the mother of all mess ups, but I'm going to make one now that is that if you want to copy this guide you already have an Arduino and the IDE pack from the Arduino site and that you have had a play and know how to install a sketch onto the Arduino board. My eventual aim is to move onto something like the Android application development and control the Bot by bluetooth and possibly WiFi - again lots of Videos but not much else, but for now that will wait as the parts have not yet arrived.

this instructable will tell you how to get to this:

And as soon as my parts come I will create an additional one for Bluetooth and hopefully WiFi Control

I have also created an instructable covering the bar code interface at


Please read on

Step 1: Arduino Preparation

Once you have your Arduino set up to communicate with your computer you should have the Arduino icon on your desk top which once opened will display a screen similar to the second image.

For the board to work with Scratch for Arduino (S4A) you need to install the Scratch firmware sketch using the Arduino SDE (see the firmware file) this is the same file available from S4A and is totally free. Once installed that's it for the Arduino software you now have to obtain the S4A application (again free to download from the following location. Scratch for Arduino (S4A) available from http://s4a.cat/ Go to the web page link above and scroll down to the "download and install" section and grab yourself the version that's right for your operating system (I'm using windows). Once installed you have an additional icon which when opened will look something like the last image on this step. note that the application will start looking for your Arduino and the message will only disappear when it has found it so please connect up. Once connected the Arduino Port monitor will start cycling a series of numbers - this is just the information being monitored from the board by the application

<p>This is very helpful. Thanks!</p>
<p>Very helpful and interesting - my crate of old Cybots and Toms are about to see daylight again !</p>
<p>Hi, I am a middle school shop teacher, working on a low cost robot project. I see you are using a long USB cable, is there any way upload a scratch program into the arduino board so it could run a maze? I want to use Scratch or another GUI. I know they use different file types. Any ideas? Thanks Bob H</p>
Hi thanks for the question.... A couple of ideas first use timed Motor duration, but the code woul be very messy and only give a single route. Better add sensor , sonar, or maybe micro switch front and rear make the bot turn a fraction as the sensor is activated. Possibility .. Take a look at my guide for spectrometer it might be possible to store the responses in excell then use that as a memory for the bot.<br><br>Sorry its not a specific answer to the problem but its the kind that really does need a bit of thought. Scratch 4 arduino should be able to handle it
<p>hello,</p><p>Very very interesting.</p><p>I did my own arduibot with sonars and light sensors, usin motor driver original board. By now, i wanted to use my arduino motirshield. All was ok till i unplugged usb poser cable using the 12V battery case: one motor connected, ok ; two, nothing. </p><p>Did you understand if there is something special with cybot dc brush motor and power supplying ?</p><p>Ty ;- cybotly yours</p>
<p>Hi glad you liked the guide.</p><p>No I don't think there is anything special about the cybot motors. I did work out that but connecting direct to the ref pin their was a short which made the board get warm. Corrected this by using the zero volt pin on the cybot board see my new guide for simple Bluetooth control of the cybot it might help step 4</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Bluetooth-Cybot-on-the-move/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Bluetooth-Cybot-on...</a></p>
<p>wow saw this and was drawn to it because the bot looks like on I assembled many years ago with my then toddler son and came fortnightly in a magazine, my son is now 22yrs old and just about to finish unit and is not interested in science and technology, where did I go wrong? Ps the bot is in the back of the cupboard with the techno Lego lol</p>
<p>Thanks yes this is based on the chassis of cybot from that magazine. At present my kids are still young so I can use that as an excuse to play with the lego</p>

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