Scratch Built Delta Wing RC Plane





Introduction: Scratch Built Delta Wing RC Plane

After being tired of using other peoples designs and PDFs. i decided to make my own! i came up with a base design and made up the body while creating the plane. i knew i wanted a stream lined  body to reduce drag on the plane so i came up with the long slender fuselage and a sleek compartment  for the components of the plane to sit in. Using a computer i came up with a basic out line for the plane. as you can see my base idea came alive in probably my favorite plane yet. the blue cards are note cards covering up logos and return address's(if i lose it somehow). i would like to buy a stunt camera to attach to the bottom to be able to get an Arial view to do some spying! (just kidding i wouldn't use it for creeping on people but it would be cool to have)

The plane measures out at a 31" wing span and 38' long 

A step by step will be out but unsure of the date. Also the step by step will be of the plane i am currently building and planing which is more advanced and 3x bigger then the plane below!! there will also be a video of the plane below flying along with a video of the plane flying!! 

Hope you enjoy!!



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    nice one tho a bit rough

    They made a copy of the Predator UAV a few years back. It had a gimbal mount with a camera in it. Spy planes have been done. Instead,put racks in it and use empty CO2 cyllinders as dummy bombs and make it a bomber!

    how much does just the electrical stuff cost???

    Depending on where you order and what parts you already have, i would probly say 70$-80$ without the transmitter and reciever.

    Very cool design, I went on and built a rc plane like it, a very inspiring design

    That looks really awesome, i just started out with these and couldent ever get mine off the ground, finally found a guide at that got me off the ground lol. Would love to build one of these things!

    I found planes for the body of another plane i built at If u go to their airplane page there are some free PDFs that you can download and cut out to make templates for the body of the plane. that's how i got started along with thousands of youtube tutorials. Good Luck!! there very fun to make and fly! ( the plane in the instrucatable is not on the website but i will be creating a step by step for this one)