Scratch Built Mirage 2000 RC EDF Jet


Introduction: Scratch Built Mirage 2000 RC EDF Jet

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This is the first time I've used this type of foam on a plane before. For the 45 seconds the plane was in the air it was the smoothest plane I've ever built. I had designed the plane around making the EDF as efficient as possible. The intake and exhaust are as smooth and efficient to get the max performance from the EDF. The plane was inspired by the mirage 2000. 

Note: The crash was caused by a pilot error

Parts Used:
70 mm EDF (5 Blade)
3000mah 20c 4 cell Lipo battery 
60 Amp ESC
2 x 9g servos
Transmitter and receiver 
2'' foam board 

I constructed the plane using  2'' foam board and a mix of epoxy and glue. The fuse-lodge is built 2'' at a time (as seen in the photos) and sanded down to fit. It took over 10 hours to build and turned out great  

Overall the plane was great up until it flew into a tree line. 

The video is sort of a more funny than serious video 

I will also be making a rebuild process video!

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    please find me how to make eyesy way

    Scratch Built Mirage 2000 RC EDF Jet

    is so good

    Plz make give some instructions it is a awesome plane I and I need to know how to make one

    That's an awesome RC jet! Keep it up!

    Looks great! Please make an instructable

    It's a beautiful plane. What was the cost for everything?

    1 reply

    The entire plane is probably around $150 but excluding the charger

    Itri45 - At the moment only the wings need to be fixed. Possibly a future plane i build i will make instructions for. Sorry. i Appreciate the comment tho!

    Hey, if none of the electronics are damaged can you build a new one and give us instructions?