Step 1: Scratch Built SkySurfer

Step 2:

<p>What material did you use? what kind of foam? how did you cover the wings? what are the electronics and motor specs?</p>
This foam is called compressed thermocol, the particles are very fine. The technique I used to cover my wings is called paper mache technique, I wrote an article on this, http://flitetest.com/articles/strengthening-fuselage-built-crash<br><br>I am using 2200Kv with 30Amps ESC with 1800mah lipo. Flight video coming soon
Thanks! what about the servos?
<p>4 9gm servo</p>
Great plane! Looks great!<br>If you made this you must be very talented! :D
<p>I have uploaded the Blue prints, in case you want to try.</p>
<p>5th video in the 1st column </p>
<p>Yes it is! Yup I made this! I think that you have seen this plane's built video on youtube, just telling that the account that posted the video was mine, I deleted that account due to some reasons and have started a new channel.</p>
<p>Hello! Do you have the plans available in internet? the link for download is broken. Thanks!</p>
<p>Sorry about that. My PC's HD crashed and I lost all data.</p>
I've been flying RC's my entire life I wish I would have seen this instructable before my recent purchase from banana hobby of my new sky surfer
HAHAHAHAH <br>That's really sweet of you!<br><br>Suvansh
<p>The URL for the link doesn't work. How do you build the Sky Surfer wing tip? </p>
<p>Use a dowel in rolling motion on the tip in order to lift it... </p>
<p>The URL for the plan doesn't work. </p>
<p>Sorry about that. My PC crashed and I lost all data of the plane. </p>
<p>hard working person you are. Awesome...!</p>
<p>Thanks for the compliment, but the reality is when you really want something badly, but that thing is expensive in market, you try to make it on your own and you dont realise how much efforts you are really putting in it. You just do it because you want it badly. Please check out the built video, designing video on sketchup, flight video of one of this plane's brother here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXI8sV63iODSW1_TRpJucpQ/videos</p>

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