Picture of Scratch Markup Language VCA Fader Hack
This is a small but important part of the greater project. known as Scratch Markup Language or SML

What's the idea?

We're creating a format for describing turntablism, as well as tools for recording, analyzing, sharing, and even recreating scratch performances with giant robot arms. The goal is two part. One: Create the largest library ever documenting scratches as performed by DJs the world over. Two: Create the first interactive scratch training tool.

This will cover how to build a Y cable to be used with a Vestax PMC-07 Pro to monitor / record the crossfader position.
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Step 3: The Long Wire

Picture of The Long Wire
Cut a piece of hook-up wire at least 16-inches in length. This gives you enough room to come out of the mixer and into an Arduino sitting next to the mixer.

Step 4: Prep The Long Wire

Picture of Prep The Long Wire
Strip away 1/8-inch of insulation on one end of the long wire.

Step 5: An Intorduction

Picture of An Intorduction
Place the stripped end of the long wire into a Connection Terminal. Make sure the insulation stops in the gab between the two sets of wings.

Step 6: May They Live...

Picture of May They Live...
Using the Universal Crimping Pliers, crimp the Connection Terminal onto the Long Wire.

Step 7: The Short Wire

Picture of The Short Wire
Cut a new length of wire no longer than 3 inches. You want enough room to work with the wire but not much extra as this will be inside of the mixer.

Step 8: Make It Naked

Picture of Make It Naked
Strip away 3/16-inch of the insulation to expose the short wire.

Step 9: Lets Go For a Piggyback Ride

Picture of Lets Go For a Piggyback Ride
Lay the short wire on top of the connection terminal and solder the exposed portion of the wire to the conductor crimp section. Be careful to not get solder all over the conductor. It makes getting it into the housing difficult.

Step 10: Just The Tip...

Picture of Just The Tip...
Slide the connection terminal with both wires attached into the appropriate slot on the connection housing. Make sure it goes all the way in. If you are quiet you can her a small click when the barb pops into place.
randofo3 years ago
Nicely done hack.