Introduction: Screaming Computer Shutdown

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It's always fun to freak out people. Am I right?
Here's a way that you can easily scare people with their computer screaming as you shut it off.And its also pretty simple.

Step 1: The Scream!

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Open any recording program that can save the file as (.wav). Record your scream and save it in a place where you can find it.

Step 2: Open Control Panel

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Next,open the control panel.

Step 3: Sounds

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Now click on Sounds and Audio Devices

Step 4: More Sounds

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Next, click on the Sounds tab.

Step 5: Search

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Scroll down the list until you find Exit Windows and click it.

Step 6: Find the File

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Next, Click Browse and find the file that you just recorded.Open it and click Apply.

Step 7: Test!

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Shut down your computer and if instead of hearing the default Windows shutdown sound you will hear it screaming as it dies (not really)


CodeKid1001 (author)2010-11-02

does it work with vista?

Jran Sakarra (author)2008-02-26

Once I saw the title i knew this would be coming. You can also do this when anything starts up or shuts down the same way.

SWV1787 (author)2008-02-05

if you could put a weird cartoon screaming face begging and bleeding to not shut it down as the computer turns off it would be a lot more fun.

Ptr_V_2 (author)2008-02-04

I don't want to be rude....but this Instructables really doesn't seem necessary; besides the suggestion of using a scream audio, everything else seemed logical.

Rockerx (author)Ptr_V_22008-02-04

None taken. I mostly put it on because there are also some people who didn't know that you can customize your computers sounds.

Ptr_V_2 (author)Rockerx2008-02-05

Oh, OK. It's just that I've been seeing an abundant bs-Instructables lately. But your's was good and detailed, so was just wondering why would someone be so detailed on something i perceive as a logical operation.

joejoerowley (author)2008-02-03

I have done this before. Its great! Its really funny to do it to a friends computer and have a be a really sick disturbing sound track.

Rockerx (author)joejoerowley2008-02-04


GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-03

Cool, this is hilarious, I am going to try this. Awesome job.

Rockerx (author)GorillazMiko2008-02-03


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