I wanted a way to mod my Xbox 360 case to make it one of a kind. This is something i have never seen anyone else do. Having a screaming skull inside the xbox trying to push itself out through the side. The skull is actually for a PS3 case cover.

Step 1: Materials

You need to gather all of your materials you will need.

1. Screaming Skull found here for $11
2. Bondo Body Filler
3. Bondo Glazing & Spot putty
4. Plastic Epoxy
5. Sandpaper 60/80, 220, 400, 600, 800, 2000
6. Tack cloth
7. Primer the kind you can sand
8. Spray paint of you choice. recommend Kylon Fusion because it is made for plastic.
Does this risk the XBOX heating up more since there's a pocket of air inside and can't escape?
No absolutely not. In actuality it would help with the heating. Because it puts more "open air" between the heatsink and the case.
unless you actually cut a hole behind the skull it will act as insulation, which may or may not raise internal temp, too tired to do math atm.
He did do that, remember?
sneaky edit imo :P
What type of primer did you use for doing this? It looks awsome by the way. I am going to try to mod my console too. Do you think this same mod would work with a walmart mask or something like that?
You don't need primer. I spraypainted my girlfriend's xbox, and it came out fine without it. And yes, it probably would, but I'd buy a few spare cases, to allow for screw ups.
I added another fan where the skull's mouth is, and put some very tight scope cover(its like bug netting, except it comes in multiple colors, I chose black, and its hard to see through unless its used as its made for[scopes]). Then I added a red LED in the fan. So the skull is like, breathing out. Its sick, dude.
Awesome tutorial man!
That is pretty epic!!
Anybody know what its called when map's, posters etc. have that 3 dimensional look? I hope I'm asking clearly. I always loved the maps that were like this.
A 3D map is a Topographical Map. Look up topography. Interesting stuff, somewhat confusing to make.<br />
Holy hell this is&nbsp;<strong>very</strong> cool!&nbsp; Sweet find on the skull cover and great work integrating it onto the 360 case.&nbsp;
Im doing this right now, well i ordered the skull, ill post results when im done<br />
That's SICK! I love it.
This is the coolest Xbox mod on Instructables! Faved.
should've done han solo's face, lol. sorry - couldn't help - it looks too much like a rotting face stuck in carbonite...
The final finish is very good - a lot of sanding? L
yes, many many hours spent sanding. i admit i probably should have done more sanding.
It looks like you've done enough, but I know what these jobs can be like - the final result is worth it <sub>(or should be)</sub><br/><br/>L<br/>
Looks great! You should add some LED lighting coming from the vents to add to the effect that something is trying to come out of your xbox!

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